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Pro-Lite is a supplier of specialist equipment and services with a technical focus in the following areas of photonics: instruments for measuring light and the optical properties of materials; photometry; lasers and laser safety equipment; opto-mechanics and nano-positioning equipment; optics and optical materials; and spectroscopy and spectral imaging. Pro-Lite is partnered with leading global equipment suppliers, including Laservision for laser safety products, Labsphere for integrating spheres, Ocean Optics for spectrometers, Konica Minolta for light meters, Newport for optical filters, Luminit for light shaping diffusers and Nanomotion for nano-positioning equipment and piezoelectric motors. Pro-Lite Technology Ltd is part of the Pro-Lite Group of Companies, which includes Photometric & Optical Testing Services, SphereOptics Germany, Pro-Lite France and Pro-Lite Iberia.

Pro-Lite in the News

The Science of Light: Measure, Shape & Learn. Pro-Lite demonstrated its latest in light measurement equipment and light shaping diffusers at the Lux Live exhibition in London, November 2018. Highlights included Labsphere's Illumia Plus integrating sphere photometers, the Viso range of goniospectroradiometers, the WaveGo "smartphone" light meter and light shaping diffusers from Luminit.
  Advances in Photonics. Pro-Lite demonstrated the latest photonics products at the Photonex exhibition in Coventry, October 2018. Highlights included the SR-6500 ultra-high resolution broadband spectroradiometer from Spectral Evolution, Phos-4® LED spectroscopic light sources, Wasatch Photonics' high sensitivity Raman spectrometer system, the latest in laser safety eyewear from Laservision, advanced nano-positioning equipment from Nanomotion and Piezo Systems Jena and precision opto-mechanics from OWIS.

Latest Products

VISO Goniophotometer Luminit Light Shaping Diffuser Wasatch Raman Spectrometer Scatter & BRDF Measurement Services
We're now supplying
advanced goniophotometers
from VISO Systems
Luminit light shaping diffusers
send the light where you
want it to go
Ultrafast Raman spectrometer
and spectroscopy systems
from Wasatch Photonics
SphereOptics now offers
measurement services for
scatter & BRDF
Westboro Photonics Imaging Colorimeter Nanomotion piezo positioning systems HySpex Hyperspectral Camera Photon etc IR VIVO
2D imaging photometers &
colorimeters from
Westboro Photonics
Nanomotion peizoelectric
motors and nano-positioning
The highest precision in
hyperspectral imaging by
 NIR multispectral preclinical
imaging by Photon etc -
introducing the IR-VIVO™

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