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CA-310 Luminance Colorimeter

Konica Minolta CA-310 Luminance Colorimeter

Used to set the precise white point of LCDs and other flat panel displays

The CA-310 from Konica Minolta is a benchtop, tristimulus spot colorimeter that is used principally for the measurement of white balance, white uniformity, luminance, chromaticity, flicker and gamma of various flat panel display devices including LCD.

Improved accuracy with LED backlights

Building on the benefits offered by the previous-generation CA-210, the CA-310 offers even higher accuracy when measuring the LED-backlit LCD TVs which are becoming more and more popular. Although conventional backlights such as fluorescent lamps provide relatively uniform light, the spectral emission distribution of LEDs varies slightly with each unit. The CA-310 overcomes this problem with colour sensors that more closely match the CIE 1931 colour-matching functions, offering higher measurement accuracy while providing high measurement speed even at low luminance levels.

Variations in the emission distribution of LED backlights result in individual differences of about 10nm in peak intensity wavelength. If LED-backlit LCD TVs with such individual differences are adjusted using conventional colour analysers, colour differences of close to 0.010 on the xy chromaticity diagram may occur. With the CA-310, the colour difference in the same case is reduced to around 0.003, resulting n errors to be suppressed to less than 1/3.

High-speed measurements at low luminance down to 0.005cd/m2

Sensor noise reduction technology has been used to enable measurements even in the extremely low luminance region around 0.005cd/m2 at speeds as fast as 4 times per second. This allows the high-speed, high-accuracy measurement essential for manufacturing high-grade displays. In addition, at luminances higher than 2.0cd/m2, 20 measurements per second are possible.

Multi-probe support

Using the optional 4-Probe Expansion Board CA-B15, up to 5 measurement probes can be connected to measure multiple points on a screen at the same time. Two basic types of probe are available, the Universal Measuring Probe and the LCD Flicker Measuring Probe.

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