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CL-200A Illuminance Colorimeter

The CL-200A is an affordable, portable, tristimulus colorimeter that provides accurate lux readings regardless of the type of light source under test - even with white LEDs. The CL-200A is used for measuring the illuminance, CIE chromaticity, correlated colour temperature (CCT) and dominant wavelength of light sources. The CL-200A conforms to the requirements of DIN 5032 Part 7 Class B with an f1' of 6%. The CL-200A is the successor to the popular CL-200 and the colorimeter version of the Konica Minolta T-10A photometer. For spatial illuminance and colour measurements, you can make multi-point measurements with the CL-200A by connecting up to 30 sensor heads in series with LAN cables.

Konica MinoltA CL-200A

Don't confuse affordability with inaccuracy though. The CL-200A is equipped with advanced features which promote measurement accuracy and ease of use. The spectral response of the CL-200A's three silicon photodiodes is matched closely to the CIE tristimulus observer functions using special filters, while a cosine diffuser ensures that the effective illuminance from off-axis sources is scaled correctly.

The CL-200A provides measurements over 4 decades, from 0.1 to 99,900 lux (colour readings require 5 lux or higher). In nature, illuminance typically ranges from about 0.01 lux on a dark night to about 100,000 lux on a hot summer day. Workplace illumination is normally around 1000 lux.

The CL-200A conveniently allows you to separate the sensor head from the main body of the meter. This allows you to hold the sensor towards the light source whilst standing to one side and reading the light level. To use the CL-200A in this way, you will need to order a couple of optional accessories (T-A20 receptor unit for the main body and the T-A21 receptor unit for the sensor head with 1m LAN cable).

Basic operation of the CL-200A gives you readings of the illuminance in lux (or you can select foot candles if you prefer), chromacity as CIE xy or u'v' coordinates, correlated colour temperature (CCT) in Kelvin and dominant wavelength (in nm). The CL-200A also reports the tristimulus values XYZ and colour difference. Advanced operation allows you to hold a reference reading and enter colour correction factors specific to the type of light source under test.

The CL-200A features as standard a USB interface and comes complete with data management software (CL-S10w) which

allows you to record measurement values from the meter directly into Microsoft Excel.

Zero adjustment is automatic, while you can either leave the meter to set its own range automatically or choose your preferred range manually. The LCD display features a backlight that turns on automatically under low ambient illumination. The CL-200A operates as standard from AA-size batteries (non-rechargeable), while an AC mains adaptor is available as an accessory.


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