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CS-2000 Spot Spectroradiometer

Konica Minolta CS-2000 Spectroradiometer 

A spot spectroradiometer with a 100,000:1 contrast ratio capability

The CS-2000 from Konica Minolta is a state-of-the-art spot spectroradiometer that performs measurements of the spectral radiance, luminance and chromaticity of light sources and displays. With a sensitivity of 0.003 cd/m2 and exceptionally low stray light performance, the CS-2000 is capable of measuring contrast ratios of up to 100,000:1.

Measure Display Luminance Down to 0.003 cd/m2

With high definition TV now providing contrast ratios approaching 100,000:1, there is a need for measurement instrumentation that is capable of testing "blacker blacks" and measuring extremely low luminance. At the same time, traditional tristimulus filter colorimeters simply cannot give accurate luminance and chromaticity readings with narrow spectrum sources such as LCDs, LEDs and OLEDs. Konica Minolta developed their CS-2000 array spectroradiometer to meet the needs of those developing and manufacturing the next generation of displays.

The CS-2000 is a polychromator type spot luminance spectroradiometer that measures spectral radiance from 380 ... 780nm and applies the CIE standard photopic and tristimulus observer functions through software. The result is a measurement of the luminance and chromaticity of the light source or display that you can trust regardless of the spectral power distribution of the device under test.

Selectable Measurement Spot Size

The CS-2000 has three, user-selected measurement apertures which provide fields of view (FOV) of 1.0, 0.2 and 0.1° and corresponding minimum spot sizes of 5.0, 1.0 and 0.5mm respectively. This flexibility means that the CS-2000 can be used with any type of light source or display. The 1.0° FOV is suitable for testing large outdoor displays as well as LCD, PDP and EL display panels. The 0.2° FOV is suitable for automotive instrument panels as well as lamps, LEDs and other light sources. The 0.1° FOV is suitable for pixel-level testing of PCP and LCD displays, cold cathode tubes, automotive brake lights and traffic signals. In addition, an optional close-up lens allow for measurements down to 0.1mm diameter, which means that pixel-level OLED display measurements are possible.

CS-2000 Selectable Measurement Spot Sizes

Spot Size vs. Measurement Distance Field of View
Measurement Distance 1.0° 0.2° 0.1°
With CS-A35 Close-Up Lens 55.0mm 1.00mm 0.20mm 0.10mm
With CS-A35 Close-Up Lens 70.9mm 1.39mm 0.28mm 0.14mm
350mm 5.00mm 1.00mm 0.50mm
500mm 7.78mm 1.56mm 0.78mm
1000mm 16.66mm 3.33mm 1.67mm
2000mm 34.18mm 6.84mm 3.42mm

Fast and Accurate

The CS-2000 provides a 5nm spectral resolution and a luminance accuracy of ± 2%, yet remains quick and easy to use. At a luminance level of 1cd/m2, the CS-2000 captures a full spectrum in 5 seconds - this compares with 123 seconds for the previous generation CS-1000. The inherent polarisation error associated with reflective diffraction grating spectroradiometers has been reduced to less than 2%, which ensures that the CS-2000 gives reliable readings with LCD type displays

Measurement Time vs. Luminance Mode
Luminance (cd/m2) Normal Fast
0.003 243s 35s
0.01 243s 35 s
0.1 155s 27s
1 19s 5s
10 4s 4s
300 3.7s 3.7s


The CS-2000 also provides flexible synchronisation options when measuring periodically varying light sources. Internal synchronisation forces measurements at the frequency set from the keypad. External synchronisation provides for measurements at the vertical line frequency of the device under test. To minimise errors when performing unsynchronised measurements, the CS-2000 provides a multi-integration mode.

Data Management Software

The CS-10w Professional software is supplied as standard with each CS-2000 and provides for control of the spectroradiometer from a PC through a USB interface. Measurement data can be displayed in chart or list form, including a spectral chart, measurement list and CIE 1931 and 1976 UCS colour space diagrams. The CS-10w software also computes the colour rendering indices for a light source.

Specifications & Ordering Information



Order Code



   Wavelength Range (nm)

380 ... 780

   Wavelength Resolution (nm / pixel)


   Display Wavelength Resolution (nm)


   Wavelength Accuracy (nm)

± 0.3

   Spectral Bandwidth, FWHM (nm)


   Field of View




   Luminance Range for Illuminant A (cd/m2)

0.003 ... 5,000

0.075 ... 125,000

0.3 ... 500,000 

   Minimum Spot Size (mm)




   Minimum Measurement Distance (mm)

350 (55 with close-up lens)

   Minimum Luminance Display (cd/m2)


   Luminance Accuracy for Illuminant A1

± 2%

   Chromaticity Accuracy for Illuminant A2

x: ± 0.0015
y: ± 0.001

   Polarization Error (400-780nm)

< 2%

< 3%

< 3% 

   Integration Time (s)

Fast: 0.005 ... 16
Normal: 0.005 ... 120

   Measurement Time

1s min. (Manual mode) to 243s max. (Normal mode)

Measurement Parameters  

Spectral Radiance (W/sr.m2.nm, 380 ... 780nm)


Luminance (cd/m2)


Lvxy, Lvu'v', LvTdu'v', CRI3, dominant wavelength & excitation purity


USB 2.0


Main adaptor, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

   Power Consumption

~ 20W

Physical & Environmental  
   Dimensions, W x H x D (mm)

158 x 262 x 392

   Weight (kg)


   Operating Temperature & Humidity

5 ... 35°C, RH < 80% (non-condensing)

   Storage Temperature

0 ... 35°C, RH < 80% (non-condensing)

CS-2000 Configuration

CS-2000 Accessories  
Standard Accessories  
   Lens Cap


   USB Interface Cable


   PC Software (on CD)

CS-10w Professional

   Main Adaptor


Optional Accessories  
   CS-2000 with Calibration Certificate


   ND1 Filter (10%)


   ND2 Filter (1%)


   Close-Up Lens


   Adaptor for CCD Camera


   Storage Case


   Custom Attachment for Luminous Intensity


   ND Filter for Eyepiece




   Tripod Pan Head


1. Accuracy specification is for CIE standard illuminant A and is the average of 10 measurements in normal mode
    at 23±2°C.
2. Chromaticity accuracy is quoted for luminance levels of 0.05cd/m2 or higher. For accuracy at lower light levels,
    please consult the CS-2000 brochure.
3. Colour rendering indices are computed using the CS-10w Professional application software.

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