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E-1000 Irradiance Head

Labsphere E-1000 Irradiance Head

Accurate spectral irradiance and illuminance measurements

Part of the modular Labsphere spectroradiometer system, the E-1000 is an integrating sphere-based sensor head with a near-perfect cosine response that is used for measurements of the spectral irradiance of light sources. You can add the E-1000 to your existing integrating sphere or Half Moon spectroradiometer system, or you can assemble a dedicated irradiance spectroradiometer using the E-1000, a CDS-series spectrometer and LightMtrX software.

Accurate Illuminance Measurements

The E-1000 is based upon a compact, Spectralon integrating sphere with 1 sq. cm input port equipped with a flashed opal diffuser for a near-perfect cosine angular response. For accurate irradiance and illuminance measurements, a cosine response ensures that the reduced illumination of off-axis light is correctly scaled. The E-1000 is fitted with an SMA fibre optic adaptor and works in conjunction with a CDS-series CCD array spectrometer which provides accurate illuminance and colour measurements regardless of the type of light source under test. Unlike an ordinary filter photometer, a CDS-series spectrometer measures spectral irradiance and applies the CIE standard photopic observer function in software. The result is accurate lux readings regardless of the type of lamp used in the device under test.

Instantaneous Lux, CCT & CRI Data

The CDS-series array spectrometer not only promotes measurement accuracy, it also provides instantaneous spectral acquisitions. Unlike tradition scanning spectroradiometers that record the spectral power one wavelength at a time, the CDS-series spectrometer records a complete spectrum in an instant. The measurement time varies with the light level of the device under test, but the typical scan time is under one second. LightMtrX software takes care of the photometric and colorimetric computations, providing lux, chromaticity, colour temperature and colour rendering data in a flash.

Two Calibration Options

The E-1000 can be factory calibrated for spectral irradiance together with a CDS-series CCD spectrometer, or it can be supplied with a companion calibration lamp if you would like to be able to perform your own calibrations in-situ. The Labsphere IES-1000 is a calibration standard that provides a reference of spectral radiant intensity and spectral irradiance. The IES-1000 is supplied with a CD-ROM which provides calibration data in a format that is compatible with Labsphere's LightMtrX software.

LightMtrX Software for System Control

Your irradiance spectroradiometer system is controlled from LightMtrX software which is quite simply the easiest to use software yet released for performing spectroradiometric, photometric and colorimetric measurements of light sources. LightMtrX features user-defined "methods" and the ability to perform electrical and optical testing in conjunction with a Keithley 2400 series SourceMeter.

Specifications & Ordering Information

Irradiance Receiver


Product Code


Integrating Sphere


Input Port

1cm2 with flashed opal diffuser

Angular Response



SMA-905 (optical fibre input to CDS-series spectrometer)

Spectral Range1

300 ... 1050nm

System Compatibility  
   As an accessory for a spectroradiometer system:  

CSLMS integrating sphere spectroradiometer system


FS2 flashlight spectroradiometer system


HMS Half Moon spectroradiometer system

   Order the E-1000 together with:  
   Calibration or Calibration Source2

CAL-LX-IRR or IES-1000 (w/LPS-100-0167)

To Configure a Dedicated Irradiance System  
   Order the E-1000 together with:  

CDS-600, CDS-610, CDS-1100, CDS-2100



   Calibration or Calibration Source2

CAL-LX-IRR or IES-1000 (w/LPS-100-0167)


5.7cm diameter by 4.3cm deep


¼-20 tapped hole for post mounting



1. Spectral range of the E-1000 is set by the calibration (300-1050nm) and by the working range
    of the CDS-series spectrometer specified.
2. The E-1000 must be calibrated together with a CDS-series spectrometer.

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