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HLMS-200P Portable Integrating Sphere Photometer

Labsphere HLMS-200P Portable Sphere Photometer

Measure the flux of LEDs, small lamps & fibre optic illuminators


The Labsphere HLMS-200P is a convenient, hand-held photometer with 2-inch integrating sphere that is perfect for measuring the total luminous flux in lumens from individual LEDs, small lamps and fibre optic illuminators. The instrument’s photopically filtered silicon detector provides a wide dynamic range and the ability to measure from 0.05 to 7,000 lumens. The HLMS-200P is calibrated with reference to traceable NIST standards and a certificate of calibration is included.

The 2-inch Spectralon integrating sphere features a ½-inch input port which makes the HLMS-200P perfect for measuring small light sources. For larger samples, one of our bench-top photometers or spectroradiometers can be used.

The HLMS-200P is compact, lightweight, and rugged with a handle-grip enclosure. A built-in microprocessor provides numerous capabilities at the touch of a button, for example auto ranging, auto zero, ratio, display hold function and automatic switch off. Data is instantly displayed on a clear 4-digit LCD. Simple push button controls are easily accessible and clearly labeled on the front panel. The instrument is powered by a 9V battery and is calibrated to display lumens.

An optional adaptor set is available for reducing the standard 12.7mm (½-inch) size of the input port on the HLMS-200P. The set comprises the following adaptors: 2mm; 3mm (T1); 4mm; 5mm (T1-3/4), 8mm; and 10mm (T3 1/4, T3 3/4).

Specifications & Ordering Information



Product Code

HLMS-200P with ¼-20 mount: AS-00775-000


HLMS-200P with M6 mount: AS-00775-001


Silicon photodiode

Integrating Sphere

Spectralon, ø2-inch

Input Port

ø½-inch (12.7mm)

Spectral Response 

Photopic - CIE V(l) 

Measurement Units


Measurement Functions

Total luminous flux


NIST traceable

Dynamic Range

0.05 ... 7,000 lumens

Range / Resolution 

0.001 ... 9.999 lumens 


10.00 ... 99.99 lumens


100.0 ... 999.9 lumens


1,000 ... 7,000 lumens

Range Selection



4-digit LCD

F1' (Spectral Mismatch to CIE)

Within 4%

Angular Uniformity

> 98% over 90°

UV Response

< 0.1%

IR Response

< 0.1%

F3 (Non Linearity)

< 0.5%

F4 (Readout Error)

< 0.1%

F5 (Fatigue)

< 0.5%

Calibration Uncertainty (Illum. A)

0.01 ... 0.1 lumens: ± 7.6%


0.1 ... 1,000 lumens: ± 3.1%


1,000 ... 7,000 lumens: ± 4.2%


9V battery


89 x 76 x 216mm (W x H x L)



In the Box

Calibration certificate



PAS-H-T Port Adaptor Set, comprising:


2mm Adaptor


3mm Adaptor (T1)


4mm Adaptor


5mm Adaptor (T1-¾)


8mm Adaptor


10mm Adaptor (T3 ¼, T3 ¾)

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