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PROTECTOR L-08 & L-08K Laser Safety Goggle


Optional Features - PROTECTOR L-08 & L-08K Frame
► 1 Antifog insert
► 2 Replacement headstrap & cushion pads

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The PROTECTOR goggle (models L-08 & reinforced L-08K) fits over ordinary prescription glasses to provide all-round protection. A broad, flexible head strap provides all-day-long wearing comfort and an optional anti-fog insert clips in to maintain visibility even in hot and humid environments. The PROTECTOR accepts flat mineral and coated glass filters.

The PROTECTOR is ideal for use by visitors. The over-glasses design means that the eyewear can be worn by those who wear ordinary prescription glasses. The PROTECTOR can expect to lead a busy life, so tired, dirty or worn-out head straps and cushion pads can be easily replaced. The replacement elastic head strap is 40mm wide, black and comes with adjustable length, latch and side-mount adaptor. Interchangeable cushion pads come in sets of 10, each comprising 2 front, 2 jowl and 1 nose pads. To promote hygenic use of the PROTECTOR, we also offer a convenient cleaning station for your laser safety eyewear.

The PROTECTOR L-08K features a laminated metallic reinforcement (as denoted by the K suffix) in order to provide the highest protection levels. Remember that BS EN 207 and 208 require that the eyewear as a whole is awarded a rating that is the lower of the protection provided by the filter and frame, so the reinforced frame allows the PROTECTOR to be used with higher power lasers.

To see which filters are available for the VISION frame, please refer to the filter specifications.

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