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UV2000S ISO Upgrade Kit

Light: the fuel of life

Compliant with SPF global standards

The updated UV-2000S application software incorporates the latest international standards including the COLIPA method, the revised Boots Star Rating, ISO 24443 and the 2011 FDA sunscreen testing methods.




The upgrade kit includes doped PMMA plates and enhanced software that includes an iintegrated performance validation routine. Features include:


  • One-touch sample analysis, results in less than five seconds.
  • Manual stage positioning for pre and post irradiation.
  • New wavelength standard captures six relevant spectral bands.
  • Easy-to-use menu driven application software.
  • Simple instrument performance validation routine.
  • Automatic calculation of SPF, UVA:UVB radio, critical wavelength, COLIPA Method, revised Boots Star Rating, ISO 24443, and 2011 FDA sunscreen testing methods.

The integrated Performance Validation Routine allows for on-site validation and re-validation to ensure optimum instrument performance. A set of calibrated standards, including a wavelength standard that captures six relevant spectral bands, is included with each UV-2000S Analyser.

Current UV-2000S users should contact Pro-Lite for information on how to obtain the upgrade kit and software.


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