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VISION L-05 & L-05K Laser Safety Spectacle


Standard Features - VISION L-05 & L-05K Frame
► 1 Duoflex clip-in accessory adaptor
Optional Features
► 2 Flexible headstrap
► 3 Head support system
► 4 Restraining cord
► 5 Cold malleable temples

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The VISION (models L-05 and L-05K) is LASERVISION's most popular laser safety spectacle. The VISION accepts curved filters (base curve 6) of mineral glass, dielectric coated glass and plastic and provides a much wider field of view compared with spectacles fitted with flat filters. The Duoflex adjustable temple provides for a comfortable fit and compatibility with several clip-in accessories. Of note are the flexible headstrap and head support system which promote comfort over an extended period by spreading the load of even the heaviest glasses. The Duoflex temples also provide for simple adjustment of both the length and angle of the spectacle arms to ensure a comfortable fit.

The VISION L-05K features a laminated metallic reinforcement (as denoted by the K suffix) in order to provide the highest protection levels. Remember that BS EN 207 and 208 require that the eyewear as a whole is awarded a rating that is the lower of the protection provided by the filter and frame, so the reinforced frame allows the VISION to be used with higher power lasers.

To see which filters are available for the VISION frame, please refer to the filter specifications.

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