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Zenith Transmission Diffusers

Light: the fuel of life

Zenith Diffusion Material

Zenith diffusers are made of the same material as our reflectance standards with its unique, highly lambertian optical properties. Thin section Zenith sheets are used as cosine diffusers minimise angular dependency of the light reaching a photodetector or to create more even illumination from a light source. With a constant, lambertian throughput over the entire wavelength range of 250 nm to 2500 nm, the Zenith diffuser finds application in a variety of light scattering measurements and calibration set ups.



Zenith Greyscale

For some applications in quality control or production processes, the flat surface of the reflectance targets and standards are not usable and custom curvature or shape is required. To realise optical and process stability, often Zenith greyscale diffuser sheets are used as an optical baseline reference. To enable the customer to adapt the optical standard to his or her needs, we offer the greyscale Zenith as 1 mm thick sheets, optionally with the proper gluing agent applied, so engineers and quality control personnel can fit the standard to their needs.

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