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Welcome to the Pro-Lite applications resource. In this area, we review some of the key applications for our products in the fields of light source measurements, in the measurement of the optical properties of materials, in photonics and in remote sensing & spectroscopy. We also present a number of interesting case studies which illustrate the breadth of applications that we serve.

Light Measurement Applications


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Spectroscopy Applications

Light Measurement   Photonics   Spectroscopy

Photometry and light measurement is what you do when you want to know about the amount of light, its spatial or angular distribution, its colour or its colour rendering. From the luminous flux of an LED lamp to the intensity of a car headlamp, from the brightness of a smartphone display to assessing the optical hazards of flashing lights, photometry is the science of quantifying what you see. You may instead want to know about the reflectance, transmittance, absorbance or scattering of your material. All these topics (and more) are discussed in our light measurement applications area.

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The power of single point and imaging spectroscopy derives from the ability to non-destructively test the composition of a variety of materials. From the counterfeit detection of alcohols to the aerial reconnaissance of crops and from imaging of nanoparticles in cancer cells to studying the growth of advanced materials such as Graphene, optical spectroscopy helps you to rapidly and confidently ID your material. Measurement techniques such as fluorescence, luminescence, Raman, absorption and reflectance spectroscopy as well as spectral imaging are discussed in our spectroscopy applications area.

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