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Brontes High Speed Luminance Colorimeter

Brontes Luminance Colorimeter

An ultra high speed tristimulus spot colorimeter

The Brontes from Admesy is a high speed luminance colorimeter that can record up to 5,500 colour or 18,500 luminance measurements per second. The Brontes is a tristimulus colorimeter based upon three photodiodes with a spectral response matched to the CIE 1931 2° XYZ observer functions by means of precision interference filters. Measurement parameters include luminance (cd/m2), XYZ tristimulus values, chromaticity (xy, u'v', L*a*b*), correlated colour temperature (Kelvin) and dominant wavelength (nm).

Spectral Response of Brontes Colorimeter Compared with CIE 1931 2 deg. Observer

Measure Luminance, Colour, Flicker & Switching Times

The Brontes colorimeter is well suited to measuring the performance of LEDs as well as LCD and plasma displays. The high measurement speed of the Brontes allows it to combine luminance, colour, flicker and switching time measurements in one instrument.

Multiple Control & Interface Possibilities

Measurements can be controlled from a PC through various interfaces but the real power of Brontes becomes clear when it is used as a stand-alone instrument for process control. Four I/O lines provide for triggering and PASS/FAIL type outputs. The Brontes colorimeter is supplied with an SCPI command interface for easy integration into Windows, Linux and MAC OSX software applications. All library functions are supplied together with an example program in multiple programming languages. Several interfaces are provided, including USB, I2C, RS-232C and GPIO.

The Brontes colorimeter makes use of standard VISA drivers. VISA drivers for use with the Brontes application can be found on the National Instruments website. To run the software, the VISA runtime engine for your platform will be needed. In order to develop software for the Brontes, you will need a valid VISA development license (included in LabVIEW). You can develop software in LabVIEW, LabWINDOWS, C++, C#, Visual Basic and any other language that is capable of communicating with VISA. Operating Brontes using open source libusb is also possible (further details on request).

Direct or Fibre Optic Measurements

Brontes is equipped with a lens that provides for a 6° field of view, while other vew angle options are available. In addition, an SMA coupling is available that allows an optical fibre to be attached to the colorimeter for remote measurements.

Specifications & Ordering Information



Measurement System

3 x silicon photodiodes

Spectral Response

CIE Tristimulus CIE x(l), y(l) & z(l)

Measuring Angle

Measurement Spot Size


Spot Size
















Measurement Units

Luminance: cd/m2

Colour Systems

XYZ, Yxy, Yu'v', Lab, Luv, CCT, lD

Measurement Speed

Luminance: 18 kHz


Colour: 5 kHz





0.05 ... 500,000 cd/m2

± 4% of measured value



± 0.001 @ Cx/Cy = 0.333

Switching Time

> 0.1ms

± 5%


> 0.05% at 50% luminance

> 0.01% at 50% luminance


USB 2.0, I2C, RS-232C


4 lines, 3.3V


3.3V compliant


50 x 50 x 100mm

Operating Temperature

0 ... 40°C


¼ BSW (fits ¼ UNC) mount on bottom plate
4 x M4 threat holes on bottom plate
4 x M4 threat holes on front plate

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