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Calibration Services: Reflectance & Transmittance


Pro-Lite provides a service for the recalibration of reflectance standards and targets from 250-2500nm. The spectral reflectance and transmittance measurements are performed using a state-of-the-art Perkin Elmer dual-beam, ratio-recording spectrophotometer, either Lambda 950 or Lambda 19, which are both equipped with a 150mm Labsphere Spectralon integrating sphere for an 8/H collection geometry.

The measurement of spectral reflectance is done in an 8° illumination geometry. In this configuration, the sample is mounted at the port of the sphere at an angle of 8° with respect to the illumination beam. This causes the specular reflection of the sample to hit the sphere wall, for specular-included (total) reflectance measurements. Alternatively, it is possible to have a light trap at the 8° position on the sphere wall for specular-excluded (diffuse-only) measurements. Subtracting the specular-excluded from the specular-included reflectance values yields the magnitude of the specular reflectance.

Reflectance measurements are performed with reference to a known, certified standard of reflectance, either NIST (USA) or PTB (Germany), depending on the type of calibration requested.

Standard measurements are performed iin range 250 to 2500nm in 1nm steps. The absolute accuracy in range 300–1750nm is better than <0.45%. The wavelength accuracy of an absorption feature is <0.75nm  in range 250-1900nm.

The measurement geometry employed in our laboratory is shown in the schematic diagram below. This image is copyright Perkin Elmer.

Calibration Geometry


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