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In this area, we illustrate the many, varied applications for our equipment in the field of lasers, light source measurements, displays, LEDs, automotive lighting and for the testing of sunscreens. We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of our customers for their permission to publish this information.

Automotive Headlamp Testing




Panel Photometry

Headlamp Testing   Illumination Design   Instrument Panel Testing

Ring Automotive chose an imaging photometer supplied by Pro-Lite with specially written application software to simplify the testing of automotive headlamp beam patterns. This allows the company to demonstrate the performance advantages of their high performance after-market bulbs.

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University College Dublin is using a CCD imaging photometer supplied by Pro-Lite to perform whole-sky luminance mapping, simplifying the modelling of sunlight illumination and improving the lighting inside buildings.

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Bentley Motors is using a CCD imaging photometer supplied by Pro-Lite to simplify the testing of automotive instrument panels and to ensure that the LEDs selected provide consistent illumination, create the required level of brightness (luminance) and emit exactly the desired colour.

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LED Forensic Illuminators


LED Array


Efficiency of LED Optics

Forensic Illuminator Testing   Testing High Power LED Arrays   Testing Efficiency of LED Optics

Foster & Freeman is using a Labsphere integrating sphere to measure the radiant flux of its LED-based illuminators that are used for forensic examinations at scenes of crimes. The integrating sphere proved to be the best device for capturing the large diameter, low power beams, proving yet again just what a versatile solution integrating spheres can be.

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A leading manufacturer of high power LED arrays chose Pro-Lite as its supplier of integrating sphere photometers and spectroradiometers. Interior access integrating spheres of 25 & 50cm diameter are used for accurate device characterision in R&D, while a series of customised 15cm spheres are used for high speed measurements in production.

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Carco Technical Plastics (CTP) are a leader in the field of LED optics and have developed a range of high-efficiency lenses for use with the Luxeon range of high power LEDs from Lumileds. A Labsphere integrating sphere photometer provides CTP with a means of accurately measuring the photometric efficiency of the lenses.

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Medical Laser


Remote Sensing Radiometers



Medical Laser Testing   Remote Sensing    

Diomed designed a diode laser system for photodynamic therapy (PDT) in which the laser light is delivered to the patient via a cylinderically diffusing fibre tip. Measuring the output of the fibre for accurate dosimetry would be extremely challenging for a traditional laser power meter. Fortunately, a Labsphere integrating sphere proved to be a simple solution.

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Integrating spheres impart a near-perfect cosine angular response for accurate spectral irradiance measurements. The Met Office worked with Pro-Lite to develop custom Spectralon integrating spheres from Labsphere for use on its Facility for Airbourne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM) to help with improved weather predictions.

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Sunscreen SPF Testing


UV Lamp

Sunscreen Testing   UV Lamp Measurements    

In-vitro testing allows manufacturers to develop new and improved sunscreen formulations and to bring products to market more quickly and at lower cost. Labsphere designed the UV-2000S to exceed the requirements of the latest COLIPA and Boots Star methods. Cutest Systems decided to invest in a UV-2000S to provide a fast and and cost-effective service to sunscreen formulators.

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The measurement of intense ultraviolet light sources was causing the barium sulphate coating on NPL's 2m integrating sphere to lose reflectance. Labsphere came to the rescue with Spectralon - a material with the highest diffuse reflectance in the 250-2500nm band. It also exhibits extreme environmental and UV stability.

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