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Optical Coatings & Materials Documentation

Technical Documentation

This is our library of technical documentation relating to Labsphere's diffuse reflectance materials and coatings, including material safety data sheets and handling, application and care instructions.


Technical & Application Guides

» A Guide to Diffuse Reflectance Coatings & Materials
   Labsphere Technical Guide
» Spectralon Laser Cavity Reflectors
   Pro-Lite Technical Note
» Laser Pump Chambers - Increasing Slope Efficiency
   Paper, SPIE, 2007
» Display Backlights - Performance Improvements
   Paper, SPIE, 2007

Material Safety 

Coatings & Materials Safety Data Sheets

» 6080 Coating MSDS
» 6080 Premix Coating MSDS
» Duraflect MSDS 
» Spectraflect MSDS
» Spectralon MSDS

Care & Handling of Materials & Coatings 

Coatings & Materials Care & Handling

» 6080 Application Instructions
» 6080 Premix Application Instructions
» Infragold Care
» Spectraflect Care
» Spectralon Care
» Spectralon Design & Machining Guilelines
» Spectralon Reflectance Standards Care


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