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Spectralon Diffuse Colour Standards

Labsphere Spectralon Diffuse Colours Standards

Ideal for calibrating spectrophotometers & colorimeters

Labsphere Spectralon diffuse colour standards are used to calibrate colorimeters and spectrophotometers in the 360-830nm range. Compared with standards with a gloss surface, the diffuse nature of Spectralon standards simplifies measurements by removing the effects of viewing or illumination geometries. Spectralon is thermally stable, durable, washable and waterproof. The high thermal stability of Spectralon standards also eliminates the need to rigorously control the temperature in the laboratory.

Spectralon colour standards are available calibrated or uncalibrated, with calibrations traceable to NIST. The normal measurement geometry is 8° illumination with hemispherical collection, 360-830nm. The certificate supplied lists spectral reflectance, tristimulus values, chromaticity coordinates, UCS coordinates and CIELAB and CIELUV values. Standards are available invidually and in sets (together with white and greyscale Spectralon standards) in 1.25 and 2.00 inch diameters. Colours available include red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, orange, purple and violet.

Ordering Information

The table below lists the available sets of calibrated colour standards. We are pleased to supply uncalibrated sets, individual standards and custom sets containing specific combinations of colours and reflectance levels on request.

Model Description
CSS-04-010 Red, green, blue & yellow, 1.25" dia.
CSS-04-020 Red, green, blue & yellow, 2.00" dia.
CSS-04A-010 Cyan, orange, purple & violet, 1.25" dia.
CSS-04A-020 Cyan, orange, purple & violet, 2.00" dia.
CSS-08-010 As CSS-04-010 plus 99, 50, 20 & 2% greyscale, 1.25" dia.
CSS-08-020 As CSS-04-020 plus 99, 50, 20 & 2% greyscale, 2.00" dia.
CSS-08A-010 As CSS-04A-010 plus red, green, blue & yellow, 1.25" dia.
CSS-08A-020 As CSS-04A-020 plus red, green, blue & yellow, 2.00" dia.
CSS-12-010 As CSS-08A-010 plus 99, 50, 20 & 2% greyscale, 1.25" dia.
CSS-12-020 As CSS-08A-020 plus 99, 50, 20 & 2% greyscale, 2.00" dia.

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