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Real-time "Snapshot" Hyperspectral Imaging

Cubert Hyperspectral Snapshot Imagers

High speed spectral imaging from Cubert

Hyperspectral and multispectral snapshot imaging spectrometer systems from Cubert combine light weight with a rugged design to provide high-speed, real-time, "snap-shot" spectral imaging in the 355-1000nm wavelength range. All Cubert devices are snapshot imaging spectrometers with no moving parts. The FireflEYE is Cubert's signature spectral imager, no matter if used on an UAV, in the field or in the laboratory. It combines the spectral precision of hyperspectral push-broom sensors with the ease of use (and speed) of snapshot multispectral cameras.

Cubert FireflEYE Cameras


Cubert ButterflEYE Cameras

Cubert Firefleye Hyperspectral Imager   Cubert Butterfleye Multispectral Imager

"Snapshot" Hyperspectral Imagers


Pixel-on-Chip Multispectral Imagers

Cubert's FireflEYE is a family of hyperspectral cameras based upon multipoint spectrometer (MPS) technology providing up to 125 spectral bands. With "snap shot" images all the spectral information is collected at the same time with no movement of the device or sample. The MPS technology enables images to be collected at video rates and with high spectral resolution.

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  Cubert's ButterflEYE family of multispectral cameras are based on filter-on-chip (FoC) technology. Standard colour imagers use a Bayer pattern of red, green and blue filters on the image sensor to create a colour image. In a similar way, the ButterflEYE cameras use a mosaic of filters, in this case Fabry-Perot filter sets, to provide patterns of either 16, 25 or 41 different wavelength filters. As a result these cameras create snapshot images with greater spatial resolution that the FireFlEYE cameras but with lower spectral resolution.

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