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Laser Optics & Thin Films from Inrad Optics

Custom-designed planar, prismatic & spherical laser optics

Inrad Optics offers custom optics, thin film coatings and optical sub-assemblies for OEM industrial, defence, aerospace, medical and instrumentation applications. Capabilities include planar, prismatic and spherical components made from glasses and crystals of most kinds, together with electron beam and ion assisted deposition of thin films.

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Laser Optics Capabilities at a Glance

Optical Fabrication 

Plano, spherical, elliptical, torroidal & prismatic


Fused silica, quartz, InSb, ZnSe, ZnS, YLF & Si


Flats: ø5 ... 750mm

  Lenses: ø2 ... 100mm; ROC: 0.75mm ... 10m 
  X-ray monochromator torroids

Optical Coatings

10 coating chambers, 3 large box coaters


Wavelengths: 0.20 ... 16µm


High power laser, AR, partial reflectance

  Dielectric, dichroic, polaring beam splitter, ND
  Filters: short / long pass, band-pas

Crystaline Optics 

Birefringent optics, wedges & filters


Quartz rotators & waveplates

  Crystal polarisers & depolarisers

Custom/OEM Optics

Inrad Optics fabricates and polishes plano, prismatic, elliptical, torroidal and spherical components from a wide range of materials. These include optical glasses, fused silica, crystalline materials such as quartz, indium antimonide, zinc selenide, zinc sulphide, YLF and silicon and also from a variety of metals. Components range in size from 0.2" to > 30" with extremely high surface tolerances (1/20th wave or better), angular tolerances of < 1 arc second and surface quality of 10/5 or better. Components routinely fabricated by Laser Optics include optical flats and windows, etalons, wedges, prisms, lenses, reticules and test patterns as well as optical and opto-mechanical sub-assembles.

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» Download Custom Optics Fabrication & Polishing Datasheet

X-Ray Toroids

The combination of high quality single crystals and modern optical manufacturing methods has breathed new life into imaging x-ray optics. Toroidally-curved x-ray optics are capable of imaging an x-ray point source onto an image plane. Quartz, silicon and germanium provide a wealth of 2-D inter-planar spacings through suitable selection of crystallographic orientation. Applications include the use of x-ray toriods in microprobes employed in analytical chemistry, in monochromatic imaging of hot plasmas and in the ultra-fast probing of structured changes in materials. Large area elements can be produced using a mosaic of individual crystals. By using special processing techniques, the orientation of individual elements is maintained to a high level of accuracy.

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Optical Coatings

Inrad Optics provides thin film coatings which conform to the tightest military and industrial specifications. Capabilities include complex, high efficiency, multi-layer coatings for use in the UV, visible and IR bands. The company's coating chambers are designed for full-scale production but can just as easily process smaller prototype jobs. The coating repertoire includes anti-reflective, high reflectance, partial reflectance, dielectric, dichroic, polarising and beam splitter coatings, many of which are specifically designed for use with the very highest laser powers. Laser Optics coats customer-supplied materials as well as in-house substrates.

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Birefringent Optics

Birefringent materials exhibit refective indices which are direction dependent., for example quartz, alpha-BBO, lithium niobate, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate (ADP) and potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP). Laser Optics has a long history of manufacturing custom optical components out of all of these materials, in particular quartz rotators and waveplates. Other birefringent optics made by Laser Optics include beam displacers, wedges, crystal polarisers and depolarisers and birefringent polarisers. Datasheets for each type of component can be downloaded from the information box at the top of this page.

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