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Labsphere Custom Uniform Light Source

Pro-Lite welcomes enquiries for bespoke Labsphere uniform light sources. We have also worked with almost all international aerospace, space and defence agencies as well as leading NMIs (National Measurement Institutes) and designed the most advanced uniform light sources. We have delivered uniform light sources which are optimised to provide the required brightness and dynamic range, source area, the defined spectral power distribution and luminance uniformity. We have even designed systems for use within a vacuum chamber. Each system is callibrated with the lowest commercially available uncertainty in the industry. Whatever your needs, you'll find Pro-Lite and Labsphere able to help.

When defining your ideal uniform light source, consider the following criteria:

  • Your target radiance or luminance (high to low, extra-terrestrial to night vision)
  • Your desired spectrum and colour temperature (<1500K to >6500K)
  • The luminance/radiance dynamic range and resolution (i.e. the range and number of steps of brightness needed)
  • Your field of view (are you using the source for uniform illumination or as a source of extended area uniform luminance, and if so, what is your view angle?)
  • What level of uniformity do you need?
  • What aperture size do you need?

For an overview of Labsphere's extensive capabilities, please review our HELIOS Ground, Aerial, Vacuum and Space Capabilities brochure.

Applications for Labsphere uniform light sources include:

  • Testing cameras, image sensors and focal plane arrays
  • Testing and calibrating multi-spectral & hyper-spectral imagers
  • Ground truth and vicarious calibration in space science & remote sensing
  • Calibration of satellite remote sensing instrumentation
  • Calibration of photometers, imaging colorimeters & spectroradiometers
  • Low light level testing of night vision and low light level sensors
  • Testing of unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles (UAV)
  • Testing of sensors used in automobiles and for autonomous vehicles

Ready to discuss your requirements? Please speak to one of our application specialists or click here to use our convenient enquiry form.

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