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Diode Laser Modules

Diode Laser Modules from Blue Sky Research

Our range of diode laser modules from Blue Sky Research provides high beam quality outputs in the violet, blue, green, red and near infrared wavelength bands. Fibre coupled, free space and OEM diode laser modules are available. Blue Sky Research offers several OEM laser products and systems which are easily integrated into a variety of OEM platforms; these include fibre coupled laser diode modules, compact OEM point-line generators and free space laser modules with customisable launch & relay optics. Blue Sky Research laser modules are ideal for applications in flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, life sciences and biotechnology, food safety and metrology.

Chromalase Laser Diode Modules from Blue Sky Research

Chromalase II™Laser Diode Modules

ChromaLase II™ modules combine standardised control and alarm firmware, protection circuitry and low noise operation into a compact, laser head assembly.  A wide variety of wavelength & power options are available, including the very popular 405 & 635nm products. Systems ordered with a microlens have a near Gaussian, circular beam shape and corrected wave front distortions.

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FibreMax Fibre Pigtailed Laser Diodes from Blue Sky Research

FiberMax™ Fibre Pigtailed Laser Diodes

FiberMax™ pigtailed modules combine Blue Sky's patented microlens (CircuLaser™) technology and proprietary packaging with a single mode optical fibre. The resultant laser power coupled into the single mode fibre is the best in the industry, delivering up to twice the output power and brightness of comparable products.

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FibreTec Fibre Coupled Laser Diode Modules from Blue Sky Research

FiberTec II™ Fibre Coupled Modules

FiberTec II™ modules are perfect for life science and instrumentation applications. Enhanced ESD protection, a laser drive current monitor, a laser shutdown function, modulation capability and overdrive protection are all included. FibreTec lasers can be ordered in multiple power & wavelength versions (including 405 & 635nm) with the option of collimation optics attached to the fibre, allowing simple integration.

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MiniLase OEM Diode Laser Modules from Blue Sky Research

MiniLase OEM Laser Diode Modules

MiniLase OEM modules combine a virtual point source laser in a rugged housing together with high quality optics and drive electronics. The circular, diffraction-limited Gaussian beam can be collimated, focused or the beam waist placed at a chosen distance. The integrated automatic power stabilisation function provides high stability and low noise.

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VPSL Virtual Point Source Diode Lasers from Blue Sky Research

VPSL Virtual Point Source Laser Diodes

Blue Sky Research’s microlens technology was developed to correct the inherent ellipicity and astigmatism of a laser diode's beam. A laser diode with an integrated microlens acts as virtual point source (VPS) with nearly all the aberrations corrected and providing a beam with a circular beam profile. VPSL lasers avoid the added cost and complexity of external beam conditioning optics.

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