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Labsphere Far-Field Goniophotometers

Labsphere's far-field goniophotometers are used to measure the luminous intensity (in candelas) from automotive lighting as well as from LEDs and general lighting products. We offer far-field goniometers conforming to the motion requirements of IES type A, C (moving detector), type C (moving mirror - in compliance with IES LM79-08) and a new type D system which has been purpose designed for testing LED-based solid state lighting. Data files generated include IES and LDT (EULUMDAT) formats for lighting design applications. The Labsphere LSA-3000 is a compact and highly affordable goniometer for measuring the far-field intensity of single LED emitters. For reference, a far-field photometric measurement is one where the detector is placed far enough away from the light source that the source behaves as though it were a point emitter of light, and the inverse squared relationship applies. In practical terms, the source-to-detector distance should be at least 5-10 times the luminous aperture of the device under test, but the distance chosen must be much greater if you are testing very narrow angle sources of light (e.g. automotive headlamps, spot lights etc).

LSA-3000 LED Goniophotometer


Type A Goniophotometer


Type C Goniophotometer

LED Goniophotometer   Labsphere Type A Goniophotometer   Labsphere Type C Goniophotometer

The compact and affordable Labsphere LSA-3000 far-field goniophotometer performs relative luminous intensity measurements of single LED emitters. When combined with an I-1000 or I-2000 intensity head and CDS-series spectrometer, the LSA-3000 can also perform absolute spectral radiant intensity measurements at fixed angles.

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The Labsphere type A goniophotometer is primarily aimed at those wishing to test automotive lighting (headlamps and marker/side lamps) as well as traffic signals and retro-reflectiive materials. It has the added capabiity of simulating a type C goniometer to produce IES files by tilting the luminaire. Headlamps must be measured at 25m.

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The Labsphere type C goniophotometer is a small format instrument that provides the benefits of C-type photometry in a smaller package than regular mirror based goniometers. It is ideal for measuring replacement lamps and luminaires which have an illuminated area of less than 8" (210 mm) in diameter.

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Type C (Moving Mirror) Goniophotometer


Type D Benchtop Goniospectrometer

Labsphere type C Moving Mirror Goniophotometer   Labsphere Type D Goniometer    

The Labsphere type C moving mirror goniophotometer is a large format mirror goniometer which brings the benefits of C-type photometry in a full size package. Ideal for measuring almost any size of lamp or luminaire, from small lamps to large fixtures, indoor luminaires and outdoor luminaires. The moving mirror motion system satisfies the requirements of IES LM79-08.

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The Labsphere type D goniometer is compact, benchtop instrument intended for measuring the photometric performance of small to medium lamps and luminaires in accordance with IES LM79-08. The type D employs a fast array spectrometer for combined measurements of luminous intensity, chromaticity, CCT and colour rendering.

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