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Coating Technology

Newport Corion Thin Film Dielectric Filters

  Newport's patented Stabilife® coating
  technology provides coatings without
  tensile and bending stress which in turn
  promotes a very long life. The dielectric
  layers are extremely durable, thermally
  stable and resistant to different
  environmental influences.

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Pro-Lite supplies Corion® brand OEM dielectric filters manufactured by Newport Franklin (a subsidiary of Newport Corporation). Standard products include:

  • Bandpass Filters
  • Coloured Glass Alternative Filters
  • Dichroic Heat Control Filters
  • SWP / LWP "Edge" Filters
  • Fluorescence Filters
  • Laser Line Filters

Newport's thin film coating business has been supplying high performance optical filters and coatings for more than 45 years. During that time, the filters & coating product line has grown from a seven person operation with three thin-film deposition systems focused solely upon soft-film deposition to nearly 100 people with 25 thin-film deposition systems, performing thin-film deposition using many different coating technologies.

Pro-Lite is pleased to consult with your engineering team to design a high performance dielectric filter to your exacting requirements for applications in:

  • Clinical chemistry systems
  • DNA analysis systems
  • Rangefinders
  • Paint colour matching systems
  • Thermal imaging systems
  • Confocal microscopy systems
  • Flow cytometers
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Moisture measurement systems
  • Astronomical telescopes


Coloured Glass


Coloured Glass Alternative Filters


Custom Bandpass Filters

Newport Colour Glass Filters   Newport Colour Glass Alternative Filter   Newport Custom Bandpass Filter

Newport’s coloured glass filters serve as broadband, bandpass, or long-wave pass filters. We offer a variety of 41 different Schott and Hoya colour glasses covering the UV, visible, and near-infrared wavelength regions.

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Developed as an alternative to long-pass type coloured glasses, these new filters  are fully RoHS-compliant and offer the many benefits of Newport’s Stabilife® optical coating technology.

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Newport manufactures a wide variety of custom bandpass filters based upon thin-film coating technology. The custom nature of these products allows an infinite number of product solutions developed from Newport’s set of basic capabilities.

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Dichroic Heat Control Filters




Filter Sets

Newport Dichroic Heat Control Filter   Newport Fluorescence Filter   Newport Fluoresence Filiter Sets

An effective tool for managing infrared energy emitted from visible light sources, these products are specially designed to withstand high thermal energy.

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Newport's high signal-to-noise fluorescence filters are designed as stand alone products that do not depend upon traditional excitation/emission pairing to achieve low integrated crosstalk.

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Developed for epi-fluorescence microscopy and related applications, these filter sets contain an excitation dichroic and emission filter optimised for specific fluorophores.

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Laser Line Bandpass Filters


Mercury-SC Germicidal Filters


SWP & LWP "Edge" Filters

Newport Laser Line Filters   Newport Germicidal Filters   Newport Long and Short Wave Pass Filters

Laser Line Filters are ideal for transmitting laser light while suppressing both ambient light and unwanted secondary laser emission lines.

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Designed to achieve optimal spectral performance and field longevity at the lowest possible cost, this new optical filter is ideal for economical point-of-use germicidal UV water purifiers.

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Newport's short wave pass and long wave pass filters provide steeper transition than colour glass for critical slope tolerance applications.

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Standard Bandpass Filters


Standard Biomedical Bandpass Filters

Newport Bandpass Filters   Newport Bandpass Filters for Biomedical Applications    

Exhibiting superior spectral stability and field lifetime, Newport's standard bandpass filter line is offered at a wide range of wavelengths, bandwidths and sizes from UV to NIR.

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Optical filters developed and manufactured employing the patented Newport Franklin Stabilife® filter technology are employed in a full array of critical life-saving biomedical applications.

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