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Hyperspectral Microscopy Platforms from Photon etc

Photon etc's IMA™ is an ultrafast and all-in-one customisable hyperspectral microscopy platform of high spatial and spectral resolution. The completely integrated system rapidly maps diffuse reflectance, transmittance, photoluminescence, electroluminescence and fluorescence in the VIS-NIR-SWIR spectral range. Based on high throughput global imaging filters, IMA™ is faster and more efficient than scanning spectrograph-based hyperspectral systems.

The global hyperspectral Raman imager (RIMA™) developed by Photon etc offers a unique solution for rapid spectral and spatial characterization of advanced materials over large areas (up to 1 mm x 1 mm and more). By combining this rich information obtained from Raman spectroscopic fingerprints with the speed of global hyperspectral imaging, RIMA™ extends the limits of sample analysis and is a powerful non-invasive imaging modality for material (RIMA™ NANO) and biomedical (RIMA™ BIOMED) sciences.

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Hyperspectral Microscopy

Photon etc IMA Hyperspectral Microscopy   Photon etc RIMA Hyperspectral Raman Microscopy Platform   Photon etc HyperCube Hyperspectral Microscopy Module

Photon etc's IMA™ hyperspectral microscopic imager provides high spectral and spatial resolution in the VIS-NIR-SWIR bands for mapping a combination of photoluminescence, electroluminescence, fluorescence, reflectance, and/or transmittance.

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The perfect Raman imager for the analysis of nanomaterials from graphene to carbon nanotubes, Photon etc's RIMA™ is a state-of-the-art ultrafast hyperspectral imager available at excitation wavelengths of 532 nm, 660 nm and others.

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Photon etc's Hypercube™ will transform your microscope into a high resolution spectral imaging system, opening new research perspectives in biological imaging. Designed to fit commercial microscopes, cameras and a vast variety of excitation modules, the HyperCube™ gives access to the detailed composition of your sample.

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Global Hyperspectral Imaging Technology Explained

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