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IES-1000 Standard of Spectral Irradiance

Labsphere IES-1000 Standard of Spectral Irradiance

A radiometric standard for calibrating Labsphere spectroradiometers

The IES-1000 is a calibration standard that provides a reference of spectral radiant intensity and spectral irradiance for calibrating the response of Labsphere's E-1000 spectral irradiance head as well as the I-1000 & I-2000 spectral radiant intensity heads.

The IES-1000 is based upon a tungsten halogen lamp with a correlated colour temperature of 2950 Kelvin that provides a point source for performing far-field calibrations of Labsphere's spectroradiometer systems. The IES-1000 is cylindrical and simply inserts into Labsphere’s intensity heads at a predetermined working distance. A 3.2 mm diameter diffuser creates the uniform point source required for this application. The housing is designed for repeatable alignment, essential for reproducible calibration results. The base has a ¼-20 tapped hole for bench-top use and optical rail mounting when performing a spectral irradiance calibration with the E-1000 irradiance sensor.

The IES-1000 is calibrated at a 50cm working distance in W/cm2.nm and W/sr.nm from 300 ... 1050nm every 1nm. The calibration is NIST traceable and the rated life of the lamp is 2,000 hours of operation.

The IES-1000 is supplied with a 3m power cable (connector type compatible with Labsphere LPS series power supplies), calibration data with certificate, and a CD-ROM containing the manual as well as calibration data in a format that is compatible with Labsphere's LightMtrX spectroradiometer software. You will need to order the lamp power supply for the IES-1000 separately. The Labsphere LPS-100-0167 is a precision, current regulated lamp power supply that provides the required 1.67 Amps to drive the IES-1000.

Specifications & Ordering Information



Product Code


Spectral Radiant Intensity

W/sr.nm, 300 ... 1050nm

Spectral Irradiance

W/cm2.nm, 300 ... 1050nm @ 50cm

Colour Temperature

2950 Kelvin

Operating Current

1.67 Amps

Cable Length


Connector Type
TYCO/AMP #211398-1 compatible with Labsphere
LPS-100-0167 power supply
Exitance Area



¼-20 tapped female


Ø44 x 110mm



Optional Power Supply

Labsphere LPS-100-0167 (AS-02600-167)

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