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Illumia-Plus Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometers

Labsphere Illumia Plus Integrating Sphere System

Labsphere's latest Illumia-Plus integrating sphere spectroradiometers are our next generatiion of advanced light metrology systems. Illumia-Plus marries our highest performance spectrometers with advanced Integral software control as well as numerous ease-of-use enhancements over the previous-generation Illumia systems. Illumia-Plus systems are offered with sphere diameters of 25, 50, 100, 165, 195 and 300cm. This means that any size of lamp or luminaire can be tested accurately. All models in the range support both 2pi and 4pi flux measurements in accordance with IES LM79-08.

Illumia-Plus Enhancements

  • Add-on electronics modules increase functionality and simplify compliance with IESNA LM-79, LM-82, and equivalent global measurement guidelines and standards.
  • Systems are delivered with Labsphere’s Integral software platform; an innovative HTML5-based application with robust reporting and optional Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to work with your existing business software.
  • Automated calibration and LM-79 stabilisation routines ensure ease-of-use and increased operator efficiency.
  • New integrating sphere design allows for "hot-swap" of DUTs for shorter measurement scan times and less down time.

Illumia-Plus integrating sphere systems are designed for accurate measurements of spectral radiant flux, luminous flux and colour performance of both traditional and next-generation lighting products. ILLUMIA accuracy is underwritten by the 98% reflectance Spectraflect sphere coating which minimises sphere directionality compared with lower reflectance paints. An auxiliary lamp is also a standard fitment to correct for the self absorption of the device under test.

Each Illumia-Plus system includes the LM79-compliant, interior-access lamp measurement sphere, an auxiliary lamp, a calibration lamp and power supply for the auxiliary and standard lamps. The 25 and 50cm spheres are intended for bench-top operation, while spheres of 100cm and larger are floor mounted. The 25cm sphere includes a 4pi calibration lamp and height adjustable centre mount post assembly for 4pi flux measurements; on spheres of 50cm and larger, a 2pi calibration lamp is included as standard while a 4pi calibration lamp and centre mount post assembly are optional should you wish to make 4pi flux measurements.

Uniquely, Labsphere's standard lamps are calibrated in its NVLAP-accredited, ISO 17025-compliant metrology laboratory. NVLAP accreditation signifies that Labsphere operates in accordance with stringent guidelines pertaining to quality systems, engineering expertise, technical personnel, test and calibration methods, laboratory equipment and environment, measurement traceability, handling of test and calibration items, and accuracy in test and calibration reports.

Intgeral® LM Control Software

Illumia-Plus systems are bundled with Labsphere's advanced, HTML5-enabled, web browser based Integral® LM software. This allows operation from any device, on any platform, and from any location and in any language. You can instantly switch between English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian and French.

A large assortment of test hardware configurations are supported (spectrometer, AC and DC power supplies, temperature controls and monitors). A powerful, easy-to-use Application Programming Interface (API) supports LabVIEW, .NET, C, and VBA. One user can control many test stations and multiple users can access the same test station from anywhere.

Labsphere's Cube computer (an embedded Windows-based PC) is included for local control of the Illumia Plus system, but remote control can be from your tablet computer or smart phone.

Choice of High Performance Spectrometers

With a choice of high speed CCD array spectrometers, you can configure your Illumia-Plus system for the optimum combination of speed, sensitivity, accuracy and price. Each spectrometer records a complete spectrum in a flash - that's the advantage of an array spectrometer over a more traditional scanning monochromator.

CDS-600/610 Standard Spectrometer

Labsphere's CDS-600 and 610 are standard CCD array spectrometers with third-decimal-place colorimetric accuracy suitable for testing luminaires and solid state lighting. The CDS-600 and CDS-610 have a wavelength range of 350-850nm and 350-1000nm respectively.

CDS-2600 Enhanced Sensitivity Spectrometer

The new CDS-2600 employs a back-thinned, thermoelectrically-cooled CCD array with an electro-mechanical shutter for enhanced sensitivity. This provides for the measurement of lower light levels with extended exposure times. The wavelength range is 350-850nm.

CDS-3020/3030 High Performance Spectrometer

The CDS-3020 and 3030 add a neutral density (ND) filter wheel and provide the ultimate in sensitivity, dynamic range, speed and accuracy with the level of fourth-decimal-place accuracy and repeatability required for the most demanding LED binning and sorting applications. The wavelength range is 350-830nm and 350-1050nm, respectively.

Add-On Electronic Modules Simplify Testing

Ambient Temperature Control Module

This features feedback control of device temperature to simplify testing per IESNA LM-82. It provides for the complete thermal, electrical and optical characterisation of a variety of LED lamps and light engines. The ambient temperature achievable is between 15°C and 53°C. It employs multiple temperature sensors and monitors in accordance to IESNA LM-82 guidelines and is easily adaptable to most Labsphere 1.5, 2 m and 3m integrating spheres. It features a software controlled feedback system for temperature controls and generates test reports based on IESNA LM-82 guidelines.

AC Module

With the optional AC Module, you can measure the luminous efficacy of your lighting products per IESNA LM-79 guidelines. You can measure the luminous efficacy (Lumens/Watt) and evaluate key electrical parameters such as current, voltage, frequency, total harmonic distortion (THD), power factor (PF), K-factor etc. You can generate a comprehensive report with optical and electrical lamp parameters. You control AC power to the lamp via Integral®
LM software and characterise performance at variable electrical inputs. It combines a Chroma AC power supply and a Xitron power meter for integrated electrical testing per IESNA LM-79.

Choosing the Correct Sized Sphere

In accordance with LM-79 guidelines, the following are the recommended sphere sizes for the size of the device under test:

  • Omnidirectional - area of the DUT not larger than 2% of the sphere area
  • 2pi measurement - opening of sphere should be less than 1/3 of the sphere diameter
  • Linear or tubular fittings - the length of the DUT should be less than 2/3 sphere diameter


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