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ILLUMIA-LITE® Handheld Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer

The Labsphere ILLUMIA-LITE® is a handheld integrating sphere system that's perfect for measuring the total flux and colour of single LEDs and other small lamps and light sources. Compared with traditional filter photometers and colorimeters, the ILLUMIA-LITE incorporates a miniature spectrometer with CCD array for accurate lumen, CCT and colour rendering measurements with any type of light source - even LEDs.


The ILLUMIA-LITE incorporates a small integrating sphere - this allows it to measure the total flux (in lumens) from the light source under test. Most handheld photometers simply measure illluminance (flux received per unit area at a distance in lux) - so you can use the ILLUMIA-LITE to accurately measure the total light output of lamps and LEDs in QA and field testing applications.


Traditional filter photometers can give significant photometric and colorimetric errors when used to measure the output of narrow spectra light sources, for example LEDs, CFLs and discharge lamps. A spectroradiometer overcomes these filter matching errors by measuring the spectral power and then calculating the photometric and colorimetric prooperties in software with reference to the CIE standard photopic observer and tristimulus colour matching functions. The result is a more accurate reading for any type of light source.

Although compact and portable, the ILLUMIA-LITE still incorporates many of the same advanced features that chacacterise the full-size members of the ILLUMIA light meter family. The 4cm integrating sphere is coated with Labsphere's 98% reflectance Spectraflect coating for reduced alignment sensitivity. An auxiliary lamp is incorporated which corrects the lumen and CCT readings for the self-absorpion of the device under test held at the sphere's input port. The measurement port will accept samples which measure up to 1cm diameter.
The luminous flux range of the ILLUMIA-LITE is 0.1 to 5000 lm, with a wavelength resolution of <5 nm and accuracy of <0.5 nm. The wavelength range is 380-820nm. The meter is powered via a USB interface from a PC running Labsphere's LightMtrX application software. Acclaimed for its ease-of-use, LightMtrX provides multiple charting options and user-defined methods to simplify repeat testing in production and QA operations.

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