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ILLUMIA-PRO Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer Systems

The Labsphere ILLUMIA-PRO series of integrating sphere systems provide complete thermal, optical and electrical characterisation of LEDs and LED modules in accordance with IES LM 79 & 80. ILLUMIA-PRO systems are based upon 50, 100, 165 and 195cm interior access spheres with provision for both 2pi & 4pi measurements. Compared to the standard ILLUMIA, ILLUMIA-PRO models feature a thermoelectrically controlled chiller plate mounted at the sphere's 2pi port which allows for the measurement of the optical performance of an LED or LED module as a function of temperature.

ILLUMIA-PRO ILLUMIA-PRO integrating sphere systems are purpose designed for measuring the photometric and colorimetric properties of LED modules as a function of drive current and operating temperature. ILLUMIA accuracy is underwritten by the 98% reflectance Spectraflect® sphere coating which minimises sphere directionality compared with lower reflectance paints and the standard fitment of an auxiliary lamp to correct for the self absorption of the device under test.

Each ILLUMIA-PRO system includes the LM79-compliant, interior-access lamp measurement sphere, an auxiliary lamp, a calibration lamp and power supplies for the auxiliary and standard lamps. The 50cm sphere is intended for benchtop operation, while spheres of 100cm and larger are floor mounted. In all models, a 2pi calibration lamp is included as standard while a 4pi calibration lamp and centre mount post assembly are optional should you wish to make 4pi flux measurements. A forward flux standard is available as an option which increases the accuracy of measurements made with directional light sources (e.g. LED downlighters).

Uniquely, Labsphere's standard lamps are calibrated in its NVLAP-accredited, ISO 17025-compliant metrology laboratory. NVLAP accreditation signifies that Labsphere operates in accordance with stringent guidelines pertaining to quality systems, engineering expertise, technical personnel, test and calibration methods, laboratory equipment and environment, measurement traceability, handling of test and calibration items, and accuracy in test and calibration reports.

SMS-500 High Speed Array Spectrometer

The ILLUMIA-PRO systems are available with a choice of high speed array spectrometers. The SMS-500 and 510 provide measurements over the spectral range from 360-1000 and 350-1050nm respectively. Your Labsphere system comes with ILLUMIA-PRO software as standard. Each spectrometer records a complete spectrum in a flash - that's the advantage of an array spectrometer over a more traditional scanning monochromator.

» Download SMS-500 datasheet

Thermal-Optical-Electrical Measurements

The ILLUMIA-PRO software automates procedures for measuring photometric and colorimetric characteristics and controlling current and temperature. Software simultaneously collects electrical, optical and thermal data which is graphed and viewed on screen or can be exported to Excel for further analysis. You can measure lumens, CCT and Ra while you vary current, voltage or the case temperature. The ILLUMIA-PRO system includes an Agilent DC current source to power the device under test. A required Keithley 2400 series SourceMeter, purchased directly from Pro-Lite or provided by the customer, is integrated into the base system. This gives customers flexibility to choose an appropriate model or integrate an existing SourceMeter into the system.

Not Just Any Integrating Sphere - a Labsphere

Labsphere's Spectraflect integrating sphere coating is an environmentally and optically stable coating which provides 98% diffuse reflectance. The design of ILLUMIA-PRO spheres conforms to the requirements of IESNA LM-78, LM-79 and LM-80. Of special note is the high quality mechanical design and light-tight construction of Labsphere integrating spheres. On spheres of 100cm and larger, there is the provision for base-up and base-down mounting of the optional 4pi centre mount post assembly. A heavy-duty post assembly is available for testing heavy luminaires. All spheres feature a 2pi port for measuring the forward - or partial flux of directional light sources.

Choosing the Correct Sized Sphere

In accordance with LM-79 guidelines, the following are the recommended sphere sizes for the size of the device under test:

  • Omnidirectional - area of the DUT not larger than 2% of the sphere area
  • 2pi measurement - opening of sphere should be less than 1/3 of the sphere diameter
  • Linear or tubular fittings - the length of the DUT should be less than 2/3 sphere diameter


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