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The tool without which no photometry lab is complete! The illuminance meter - popularly known as the "lux meter" - records the level of illuminance from a light source; illuminance is the luminous flux per unit area received at a surface measured in lumens per square meter or lux. Illuminance varies with the distance from the light source. An illuminance meter is often equipped with a cosine diffuser which scales the effective illuminance from light sources that illuminate at angles other than normal incidence. An illuminance meter can also double as a tristimulus response colorimeter for measuring the chromaticity and colour temperature of the light source. If you need to measure illuminance or colour uniformity (for example, from projectors, car headlights or LED luminaires), you may wish to consider an imaging photometer. For the highest accuracy and for colour rendering measurements, you should consider a spectroradiometer.

T-10A Illuminance Photometer


CL-200A Illuminance Colorimeter


SL-3101 Photopic / Scotopic Lux Meter

T-10A   CL-200A   Solar SP

The T-10A is an affordable and simple to use illuminance meter that gives accurate lux readings with any type of light source - even with white LEDs. The T-10A conforms to the requirements of DIN 5032 Part 7 Class B with an f1' of 6%. The T-10A is the successor to the popular T-10 and the photometer version of the Konica Minolta CL-200A colorimeter.

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The CL-200A is an affordable, portable, tristimulus colorimeter that provides accurate lux readings regardless of the type of light source under test - even with white LEDs. The CL-200A is used for measuring the illuminance, CIE chromaticity, correlated colour temperature (CCT) and dominant wavelength of light sources. The CL-200A conforms to the requirements of DIN 5032 Part 7 Class B with an f1' of 6%. The CL-200A is the successor to the popular CL-200 and the colorimeter version of the Konica Minolta T-10A photometer.

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The SL-3101 photometer measures both photopic and scotopic illuminance and automatically computes the      S:P ratio of the light source under test. Using two sensor heads connected to a single portable meter, the SL-3101 provides a more meaningful measure of the effective illuminance of light sources under low light level conditions. The measurement of S:P ratio is called for in BS 5489-1:2012 Code of Practice for Design of Road Lighting and in the ILP’s Professional Lighting Guide, PLG 03 (2012).

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