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Westboro Photonics Conoscope 80 Display View Angle Tester

The Westboro CONOMETER® 80 is the ideal instrument for measuring luminance, contrast, and gamma of emissive displays as a function of viewing angle. Compared with alternative Fourier (conoscopic) lens systems, the Conometer is much more affordable and provides a field of view of 80°.

The Westboro Photonics CONOMETER 80

The simple design of the Westboro CONOMETER 80 contains fewer optical elements and therefore comes at a much lower cost than competitive conoscopic (Fourier) lens systems. The system is able to measure displays as small as 6mm wide. With the ability to capture a wide luminance range (0.01 to more than 100,000 cd/m²), the CONOMETER is ideally suited to measuring viewing angle characteristics of backlights, black levels, edge-lit displays and much more.

Key Features

  • Viewing angle to 80°
  • 0.22° resolution
  • Luminance, contrast and gamma measurement modes
  • Fast measurement times
  • High dynamic range
  • Compact and portable
  • Optional software development kit (SDK)

Fast and Versatile Viewing Angle Measurements

Using the latest CMOS imaging technology, the CONOMETER 80 measures a wide range of luminance; from black levels to the brightest backlights and out to 80 degrees from normal. Measurements down to 0.01 cd/m2 take under 3 seconds.

Weighing just 450 grammes, the CONOMETER 80 can be easily integrated into any test scenario. The alignment procedure is straightforward. When placed directly at the display surface, the lens hood shields the test from stray light and conveniently sets the vertical measurement axis.

Using Photometrica® software, users may quickly apply tools such as ellipses, polygons and profiles to evaluate display performance. Multiple viewing angle measurements can be contained in a single measurement document. Derived data sets such as gamma, contrast and inversion are easily created.

With the Software Development Kit (SDK) scripting within Photometrica is available to simplify the user interface, streamline repetitive tasks or integrate with external devices such as video processors. For full automation, users may create applications using SOAP (LabVIEW, MATLAB, etc.), or COM (C#, C++, VB).

If luminance and colour viewing angle measurements are required, then the WP214 imaging spectral colorimeter from Westboro Photonics is the solution. The WP214 has the same imaging features as the CONOMETER 80, but also includes tristimulus filtering and an integrated spectroradiometer — providing the highest measurement accuracy in its class.

Measurement Areas

The working distance can be varied to accommodate the pixel pitch of different displays. High resolution watches and mobile phones can be measured with the lens almost touching the display glass to measure out to +/-80˚ in a 21 mm spot diameter. Laptop and tablet displays can use the integrated lens hood standoff to measure out to +/-80˚ with a 54 mm spot diameter. Large pixeled monitors and televisions can be measured at larger working distances with correspondingly larger spot sizes. Please refer to the CONOMETER 80 datasheet (link to the right) for further details.

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