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Integrating Sphere Photometers

Integrating Sphere Photometers from Pro-Lite

Integrating sphere photometers are used for measuring the total luminous flux from lamps, LEDs and luminaires. We offer integrating spheres from 2 to 76" (5cm to 1.93m) diameter, which means that we can accomodate almost any size of light source. For small sources and fibre optic illuminators, we have a portable 2" sphere photometer. For larger samples, we offer interior access integrating spheres with diameters from 10 to 76".

Integrating sphere photometers record the total flux from a light source in lumens; for improved accuracy with narrow band sources such as LEDs, or if you need to measure the spectral power, chromaticity or colour rendering of your light source, you will need an integrating sphere spectroradiometer (see: integrating sphere spectroradiometers).

Labsphere HLMS-200P Portable Sphere Photometer

HLMS-200P Portable Sphere Photometer

The Labsphere HLMS-200P is a convenient, hand held photometer with 2-inch integrating sphere. With a 0.5-inch input port diameter, the HLMS-200P is perfect for measuring the total luminous flux in lumens from individual LEDs, small lamps and fibre optic illuminators.

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Labsphere PLMS-1000 Integrating Sphere Photometer 

PLMS Medium Integrating Sphere Photometers

Labsphere's PLMS-1000 and PLMS-2000 are bench-top photometers with integrating sphere sizes of 10 and 20-inches respectively. Each sphere features interior access and is used for measuring the luminous flux of both interior mounted samples, as well as those placed at the 2-inch external source port.

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Labsphere PLMS-4000 Integrating Sphere Photometer

PLMS Large Integrating Sphere Photometers

The PLMS-4000, -6500 and -7600 from Labsphere accomodate the very largest of samples. With sphere sizes of 40, 65 and 76-inches respectively, the luminous flux of samples of almost any size can be determined.

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