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Labsphere Integrating Spheres

Labsphere Integrating Spheres

Integrating spheres simplify complex optical measurements

Integrating spheres were first developed in 1894 as a tool to measure the output of the then newly invented electric light bulbs. Today, our Labsphere integrating spheres are widely used in the measurement of light, as sources of uniform radiance or irradiance for calibrating image sensors, cameras and remote sensing instruments and for testing the optical properties of materials. An integrating sphere is a hollow, spherical chamber coated internally with a high reflectance coating that exhibits diffuse reflectance. Spheres are used as directionally-insensitive collectors of light when combined with photodetectors. An internally illuminated integrating sphere emits a field of spatially and angularly uniform luminance or radiance which is perfect for testing and calibrating imaging systems, detector arrays and remote sensing instruments.

General Purpose Integrating Spheres


Adapta Integrating Spheres



Goniophotometers   Integrating Spheres    

Our General Purpose Spheres provide greater configuration flexibility than ever before. Choose your sphere by selecting size, ports and reflectance material. The addition of a wide range of interchangeable accessories including light sources, assemblies, port reducers and more allows for an endless number of application solutions.

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Labsphere's AdaptaSphere Series offers design flexibility to meet a variety of applications. The AdaptaSphere Series is available in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 inch diameter sizes, configured with either 2, 3, 4 or 5 ports. AdaptaSpheres are coated with Spectraflect, our specially formulated diffuse white reflectance coating for use over the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength region.

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Reflectance &


Light Measurement Spheres


Laser Measurement Spheres


Labsphere's reflectance & transmittance integrating spheres constitute one of the most basic reflectance measurement products and can be used to measure the reflectance or transmittance of a wide variety of sample mediums. Offered in two standard designs, each sphere is available in one of two reflective coatings depending on the spectral range of interest.

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  Labsphere's light measurement integrating spheres are designed for the measurement of the total flux output of lamps and other light sources. The LMS integrating spheres range in size from 25cm to 3m diameter, offer a highly reflective, durable Spectralon® or Spectraflect® interior, and can accommodate lamp sizes from single LEDs right up to the very largest street lighting luminaires.

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  Independent of beam geometry and without the need for auxiliary optics, Labsphere's laser power measurement spheres are ideal for collecting the total radiant power emitted by highly divergent sources, such as laser diodes as well as from large area, collimated laser beams.

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NEW! Quantum Efficiency Sphere


Uniform Light Source Spheres

Labsphere QE Sphere    Labsphere Uniform Light Source Sphere     

The Labsphere QE-060-SF is a 150mm diameter integrating sphere coated with Spectraflect high reflectance paint which is purpose designed for measuring the photo-luminescent quantum yield (PLQY) or quantum efficiency of phosphorescent materials, such as LED phosphors and quantum dots. Features a rotating centre mount sample holder with interchangeable clip, jaws, cuvette and powder sample holder accessories.

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An internally illuminated integrating sphere provides spatially uniform luminance and illuminance which is perfect for flat-field correcting and calibrating imaging systems, calibrating photometers and spectroradiometers and for testing detector arrays and remote sensing instruments. Integrating sphere-based sources exhibit a luminance uniformity at the 98-99% level over the full exit port area, which is significantly higher than can be achieved using alternative techniques.

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