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Labsphere Type A Goniophotometer

Labsphere Type A Goniophotometer

The Labsphere type A goniophotometer is primarily aimed at those wishing to test automotive lighting (headlamps and marker/side lamps) as well as traffic signals and retro-reflectiive materials. It has the added capabiity of simulating a type C goniometer to produce IES files for general lighting products by tilting the luminaire.

The Type A goniophotometer motion system is that which is normally chosen to measure the forwards-facing intensity distribution from vehicle lighting and traffic signals. The device under test tilts and rotates with respect to a fixed photometer cell placed at the appropiate far-field distance. ECE regulations require that headlamps must be measured at a distance of 25m, while side/marker/direction indicator lamps are normally measured with the photocell placed at 3.05m.

The maximum device under test size is 1200mm wide by 600mm tall. Headlamp measurements require a high degree of rotational accuracy - the Labsphere type A goniophotometer's is 0.01°, with a positional accuracy of ± 1mm.

Measurements can be made according to user-defined or standard ECE-compliant scripts. Parameters reported include:

  • Luminous intensity (peak candelas, candelas versus angle)
  • Total luminous flux (lumens)
  • Beam angle
  • OPTIONAL: power consuption (Watts), luminous efficacy (lumens/Watt) & power factor
  • Charting functions: polar intensity in user-defined C-plane/s


  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Retro-reflector measurements
  • Licence plate measurements
  • User-definable script files
  • Detector spectral correction
  • NIST traceable power measurement
  • NIST traceable calibration sources
  • Thermocouple integration
  • IES file generation
  • DC power supply, 500 W
  • AC power supply, 1200 W
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