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Lamp Standards

Standards of Spectral and Forward Spectral Flux

Our certified lamp standards provide known luminous or spectral radiant flux and are used to calibrate integrating sphere photometers and spectroradiometers. The same screened and seasoned bulbs are also available uncalibrated as "optical grade" lamps which can be used to create transfer standards. We also offer the first, commerically available standard of of forward spectral flux and a standard of spectral irradiance which also doubles as a standard of spectral radiant intensity.


Labsphere FFS-100 Standard of Spectral Forward Flux 

Forward Spectral Flux Standards

Labsphere's FFS-100 series are standards of forward spectral radiant flux which are used to calibrate a "Half Moon" integrating hemisphere or an integrating sphere spectroradiometer.

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Labsphere IES-1000 Irradiance/Intensity Standard 

Irradiance/ Radiant Intensity Standard

Labsphere’s IES-1000 is a calibration standard that provides a reference of spectral radiant intensity for calibrating the Labsphere I-1000 & I-2000 intensity sensors. It also doubles as a reference of spectral irradiance for calibrating the response of irradiance spectroradiometers, including the Labsphere E-1000.

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Labsphere OGL-600 Optical Grade Lamp 

Optical Grade Lamps

Labsphere's OGL series lamps are optical grade equivalents to the SCL spectral flux standard lamps. OGL lamps save the expense of a calibration, but are still screened and seasoned to provide a stable, dependable output. Optical grade lamps can be user-calibrated in an integrating sphere system.

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Labsphere CL-600 Luminous Flux Standard Lamp 

Spectral Flux Standards

The Labsphere SCL series standards of spectral flux are used to calibrate the response of integrating sphere photometer and spectroradiometer systems. Available individually or in sets of three and in three power levels suitable for small, medium and large integrating sphere systems, these lamps are calibrated in lumens and Watts per nm from 350 ... 1050nm.

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