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Laser Safety Eyewear - Alignment Filters

Alignment Filters

R-rated filters for the safe viewing of visible laser beam spots

LASERVISION's alignment filters provide partial blocking of low power, visible wavelength laser beams. This means that the wearer can safely view the visible beam spot for laser beam alignment. Alignment filters are assigned an R rating in accordance with BS EN 208. The principle of alignment protection filters is that they attenuate the power of the laser such that if the beam were to accidentially hit the filter directly, the only light that would be transmitted would be equivalent to a class 2 exposure. Class 2 lasers are those low power, visible devices for which the eye's blink reflex affords sufficient protection. Please note that alignment filters are not intended for direct viewing of the laser beam, rather for diffuse, indirect viewing (i.e. reflections from a scattering surface).

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Alignment  Filters Main Laser Types Protection
P04 HeNe, Visible Laser Diode 620-644nm, R2
P07 Argon 500-520nm, R1
P08 670nm Diode 670nm, R1
P1002 Visible Diode 650-680nm, R1
P1004 HeNe
Visible Laser Diode
625-650nm, R1
660-675nm, R2
P1005 Visible lasers 520-700nm, R1
P2005 CW Nd:YAG (2H)  532nm, R1 
Type 48 HeNe 633nm, R2
Type 58 HeNe 633nm, R3
Type 68 HeNe
Visible Laser Diode
633nm, R1
670nm, R3
Type 81 HeNe
Visible Laser Diode
630-690nm, R1
Type 82 HeNe
Visible Laser Diode
630-690nm, R2

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