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Learn more about what makes laser radiation different from ordinary light, the hazards associated with laser light, what the various laser classes mean, the European laser safety standards, the advanced technology employed in LASERVISION laser safety eyewear and how to go about calculating the scale numbers (protection levels) for the laser safety eyewear necessary for protection against your laser.

Lasers - Basic Principles




Laser Safety Standards

Laser   Biological Effects   Laser Safety Standards

Lasers come in many types, but the hazards depend upon the wavelength, power or energy, pulse length and accessible beam size. To simplify the assessment of the hazards presented by the laser beam, all lasers are assigned to a hazard class.

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Accidential exposure to even a low power laser beam can lead to permanent damage to the eyes and possible loss of sight. The actual damage caused depends upon the laser wavelength.

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In Europe, general laser safety is addressed by EN 60825. The specification and selection of protective eyewear is covered by EN 207 for full protection or EN 208 for alignment protection filters.

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Laser Safety


Calculating Eyewear Scale


Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Safety Filters    Calcuation   FAQ

Special optical filters are used to safely protect the eyes of those working in the viscinity of the laser. Different filters provide blocking against different powers, wavelengths and laser operating modes. In blocking the laser, eyewear can often suffer with reduced transmission at non-laser wavelengths, although modern filter technologies minimise this effect.

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This page provides a guide on how to calculate the required scale numbers and protection ratings of laser safety eyewear in accordance with BS EN 207 for full protection filters and BS EN 208 for alignment protection eyewear.

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We have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.

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Glossary of Laser Safety Terms


Our glossary of terms helps you to navigate your way through the jargon used in laser safety.

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EYEPRO software is a free download which helps you to calculate the eyewear scale numbers (protection levels) you need for your laser. EYEPRO calculates the protection levels you need in accordance with EN 207 and 208. Even better, EYEPRO will also recommend suitable filters and frames from the LASERVISION range that meet these requirements.

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