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Filters for Laser Safety Eyewear

With probably the widest range of absorbing mineral glass, dielectric coated, plastic and M-Rated (ultrafast) filters available, there's a LASERVISION model that ensures that you get just the right combination of protection, clear vision and light weight. For novel laser types, or for unusual combinations of wavelengths, we can develop affordable custom filters. For certain low power, visible wavelength lasers (e.g. Helium Neon or Visible Laser Diodes), alignment filters are available that allow the wearer to safely see the reflected beam spot. Alignment filters are assigned an R rating in accordance with BS EN 208. For all other laser types (except ultrafast lasers), full protection filters are assigned an L rating in accordance with BS EN 207. For ultrafast lasers (those with pico and femtosecond pulse lengths) full protection filters are assigned an M rating (BS EN 207).

Need help choosing your eyewear? Click here to jump to our enquiry form. Alternatively, you can download EYEPRO Software which will calculate the required protection levels based on your laser parameters and recommend available filters and frames from the extensive LASERVISION range (see: Knowledge Base). If you don't see what you need, please enquire as we can probably offer a custom filter.

Mineral Glass Laser Safety Eyewear

Absorbing Mineral Glass Filters

A wide range of absorbing mineral glass filters provides high optical density and protection against even high power lasers. Laminated filters reduce the risk of injury from glass splinters. The visible light transmission is generally higher than for an equivalent plastic filter and several mineral glass filters can be combined in one lens for protection over an extended wavelength range.

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Alignment Laser Safety Eyewear

Alignment Filters

Alignment filters provide partial blocking of low power, visible wavelength laser beams. This means that the wearer can safely view the visible beam spot for laser beam alignment. Alignment filters are assigned an R rating in accordance with BS EN 208.

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Dielectrically Coated Glass Laser Safety Eyewear 

Dielectric Coated Filters

LASERVISION's dielectrically coated reflective glass and plastic filters offer the best of both worlds, combining the light weight of plastic eyewear with the high protection and low coloration with high visible light transmission of glass filters.

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Plastic Filter Laser Safety Eyewear

Plastic Filters

Comfortable, light weight laser safety eyewear based upon absorbing plastic filters tends to be less expensive than alternative filter types and the all-in-one shield designs tend to provide a wider field of view. However, the protection afforded by plastic filters is generally lower than for glass filters which limits their use against high power lasers and the filters can posses a higher degree of coloration.

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M-Rated Laser Safety Eyewear for Ultrafast Lasers

M-Rated Filters for Ultrafast Lasers

Ultrafast lasers (those with pico- and femtosecond pulse lengths) require that the laser safety eyewear posses an "M" rating. LASERVISION offers a number of plastic and mineral glass filters which have been tested for stability against ultrafast lasers and have been assigned the necessary M rating.

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