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Medical Laser Protection

Medical Laser Safety by LASERVISION

Eye protection is important for both the operators of medical lasers and IPL sources and for their patients. LASERVISION has developed a range purpose-designed laser safety eyewear and IPL safety eyewear to meet the needs of the medical laser community.

LASERVISION SPLIT SHIELD Medical Laser Safety Spectacle 

Laser Safety Eyewear for Operators

LASERVISION offers a range of laser safety glasses which have been purpose-designed for medical professionals. Of special note is the L-09K "SPLIT SHIELD" glasses which provide the surgeon with a clear, wide field of view, and the L-02K "ALL STAR" spectacle with a flip-down binocular magnifier to assist those working with dental or cosmetric lasers.

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Patient's Medical Laser Safety Goggle

Laser Protection for Patients

A range of eyewear, eye shields and related products from LASERVISION for protecting patients against surgical, dental and cosmetic lasers. Of special note are laser safety goggles for patient use as well as eyeball goggles and eye caps that both protect the eyes yet permit ease of access to surrounding areas for those undergoing cosmetic treatments.

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IPL Safety Spectacle

IPL Safety Eyewear

LASERVISION has developed a choice of light weight safety spectacles for protecting both operators and patients from Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) sources commonly used in cosmetic applications such as skin resurfacing and hair removal.

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