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Medical Laser Operator Safety Eyewear by LASERVISION

LASERVISION offers a range of laser safety glasses which have been purpose-designed for medical professionals. Of special note is the L-09K "SPLIT SHIELD" glasses which provide the surgeon with a clear, wide field of view, and the L-02K "ALL STAR" spectacle with a flip-down binocular magnifier to assist those working with dental or cosmetric lasers. Of course, you can still choose from the full range of LASERVISION laser safety eyewear, but in this section we highlight those models which will be of particular interest to those working with medical lasers.

ALL STAR Spectacle with Magnifier Loupe 

ALL STAR Spectacle with Magnifier Loupe

With a x 2.5 magnification loupe securely attached to the ALL STAR L-02K laser safety spectacle frame, the surgeon is protected from the laser whilst performing delicate procedures. A head support system is fitted to hold the glasses comfortably to the wearer's head and the loupe flips up when not required.

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LASERVISION SPLIT SHIELD Medical Laser Safety Spectacle 

SPLIT SHIELD Laser Safety Spectacle

The SPLIT SHIELD is an extremely light weight laser safety spectacle that accepts absorbing plastic and dielectric coated plastic filters that afford a clear vision with low coloration, vital for medical applications. The SPLIT SHIELD can be worn over prescription glasses and features adjustable Duoflex temples for a comfortable fit and compatibility with clip-in accessories.

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Plastci Laser Safety Spectacle with Magnifier Loupe 

Plastic Spectacle (320) with Magnifier Loupe

To protect the surgeon whilst performing delicate dental or cosmetic procedures, LASERVISION has combined a x 2.5 magnification loupe with a light weight plastic laser safety spectacle. The loupe flips up when not required.

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Accessories for LASERVISION Laser Safety Eyewear

Accessories for Medical Laser Eyewear

Our extensive programme of accessories for LASERVISION laser safety eyewear includes storage and cleaning materials, head straps and support bands to improve the long term comfort of the wearer and anti-fogging inserts. Prescription inserts, software tools and multimedia training complete the picture.

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