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Portable Laser Screen

Portable safety curtains and barrier screens to safely block the laser process

LASERVISION recognises that safety starts with enclosing the hazardous laser emission and only resorting to the use of eyewear if an open beam is unavoidable, for example during laser service or alignment. A range of screening solutions is available, from portable screens to a new, modular sheet material that makes the job of building a bespoke laser enclosure so much easier.

Laser Safety Curtains

LASERVISON provides a laser safety curtain which is tested and approved according to EN 12254 (Screening of Laser Work Areas). The material is completely opaque and is suitable for all common laser wavelengths between 180nm to 10.6µm. Some examples of the scale numbers that were achieved in testing are D A5 & I A7 at 1064nm (Nd:YAG) and DI A4 at 10.6µm (CO2). To comply with this standard, the protection levels must be maintained for at least 100 seconds or 1000 pulses. The curtain consists of a patented multilayer structure with highly absorptive and fire resistant textiles and aluminium. The standard size is approximately 1900 x 2850 mm (height x width), other sizes are available upon request. A mobile frame is also available.

Laser Barrier Screens

The laser barrier from LASERVISION is a versatile and innovative (patent pending) laser safety screening system that allows you to design and build your own laser enclosure from standard rigid sheet sizes of 2050 x 980mm or 3050 x 1450mm. An optional aluminium frame system makes it easy to construct individually tailored enclosures. The material is light weight yet provides high protection in the UV/VIS and IR bands. Testing has shown this material is resistant to 10MW/cm2 from YAG and CO2 lasers. The protection rating is AL6 at 1064nm and AL4 at 10.6µm based on 100 seconds direct exposure according to DIN EN 12254.

CO2 Laser Portable Screen

This transparent screen is designed for screening CO2 lasers with a protection rating of DI L4 at 10.6µm. The screen measures 2 x 1m and is supplied on a mobile frame for easy positioning.

For assistance in selecting a suitable screen or curtain for your laser, please use our Enquiry Form to submit details of your requirement (including laser parameters). 

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