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Technical Documentation

This is our library of technical documentation relating to the measurement of light sources and the optical properties of materials.



» Imaging Sphere Technical Briefing
» Imaging Sphere - Display Measurements
   Paper, SID, 2006
» Imaging Sphere - Scatter & Appearance Measurement
   Paper, NPL/CORM Oxford V, 2007
» Imaging Sphere - Comparison with Conoscope
   Paper, IMID, 2008

Light Measurement by Pro-Lite

Integrating Spheres

» A Guide to Integrating Sphere Theory & Applications
   Labsphere Technical Guide
» A Guide to Integrating Sphere Radiometry & Photometry
   Labsphere Technical Guide
» Integrating Sphere Design for Laser Power Measurement


Photometery & Colorimetery

» LED Measurements - Photometry versus Spectroradiometry
» A Guide to Integrating Sphere Radiometry & Photometry
   Labsphere Technical Guide
» ColorBUG - Quick Start Guide
» Imaging Photometers - ProMetric Selection Guide
» Imaging Photometers - A CCD Sensor Primer
» Imaging Photometers - CCD Resolution & Speed
» Tech Note - LED Flicker

Spectralon Reflectance Standards


» A Guide to Diffuse Reflectance Coatings & Materials
   Labsphere Technical Guide 
» Care & Handling of Spectralon Reflectance Standards

CCD Spectrometer


» Photometry & Colorimetry of Light Sources
» Spectrometer Dynamic Range & Signal-to-Noise
» Spectrometer Operating Principles
» Calculating Spectral Resolution for your Spectrometer
» Spectrometer Sensitivity
» Spectrometer Operating Instructions
» Video Tutorials
» SpectraSuite Software Manual



» LED Measurements - Photometry versus Spectroradiometry
» A Guide to LED Radiometry
» JAZ Spectrometer Manual
» JAZ Irradiance Application Manual

Uniform Light Source

Uniform Light Sources

» A Guide to Uniform Light Source Applications
   Labsphere Technical Guide
» Tracking Uniform Light Source Luminance
   Labsphere Technical Note
» Uniform LIght Source Lamp Replacement Guidance
   Labsphere Technical Note
» Uniform Source - Design of Large Area Radiance Source
   Paper, SPIE, 2007
» Uniform Source - Radiometer Calibration for KOPMSAT-3
   Paper, SPIE, 2008


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