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Are your bulbs simply incandescent? Have your candelas got nits? Are your white LEDs suffering with the blues? Are your luminaires failing to illuminate? For answers to these and many other questions, we've compiled our light measurement knowledge base. Learn about measuring the output of lamps, LEDs and luminaires and about the science of photometry, colorimetry and spectroradiometry. The push towards more energy efficient lighting means that many scientists and engineers are encountering the confusing world of light source measurements for the first time. Pro-Lite is here to help!

Our knowledge base includes a technical documents lilbrary as well as a handy list of units and a glossary of terms to help you to navigate your way through the jargon used in light measurements.

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Technical Documentation


Guide to



Documentation   Units   Formulae

This is our library of technical documentation relating to the measurement of light and light sources.

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There's a miriad of weird and wonderful units which are used to express the colour and brightness of light. We've compiled a handy list of the important parameters together with their notation and units. Anyone for nits?

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We're compiled a list of useful formulae that are used in photometry and colorimetry.

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Glossary of Light Measurement Terms


Our glossary of terms helps you to navigate your way through the complex terms and units used to express the output of light sources.

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