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Pro-Lite provides a solution for almost any application in measuring the colour and brightness of light sources and displays. From a simple, inexpensive lux meter, to the world's most advanced imaging photometers, we have a light meter that you can rely upon to give you accurate, repeatable data. We also supply reference standards to calibrate your instrument. Not sure what you need? Either review our applications area, use the table below or contact Pro-Lite for informed assistance.

What do you want to  measure?  Spectral Radiant Flux
Luminous Flux 
Spectral Irradiance
Spectral Radiant Intensity
Luminous Intensity
Spectral Radiance

Units  Watts/nm
Watts/m2.nm; lux
Watts/sr.nm; candelas
Integrating Sphere     
Cosine-Corrected  Photometer/ 
Imaging Photometer   
Spot Photometer/ 
(vs. angle)

(vs. angle)




Imaging Photometers & Colorimeters


Integrating Spheres

Goniophotometers   ProMetric Imaging Photometer   Integrating Spheres

Goniophotometers perform angular analysis of light sources and displays. Our far-field goniophotometers are used to test vehicle lighting and road signs, while our near-field goniophotometers are used for testing flat panel displays and luminaires. Our source imaging goniophotometer generates Radiant Source Model files. The Imaging Sphere is an ultrafast goniophotometer for LED and display view angle testing.

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  ProMetric imaging photometers and colorimeters are powerful, CCD-based instruments that provide for vastly increased productivity compared with ‘spot’ luminance meters. An imaging photometer can measure the illuminance, luminance or colour millions of points simultaneously. Our latest models feature sensors with up to 29 mega pixels for enhanced image quality and defect detection capabilities.

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Labsphere integrating spheres are used as directionally-insensitive collectors of light when combined with a detector. An internally illuminated integrating sphere emits a field of spatially and angularly uniform luminance or radiance which is perfect for testing and calibrating electronic imaging systems. Spheres are also used for measuring total reflectance and transmittance.

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LED Screen Correction


Photometry Overveiw



Photometers &

LED Screen Correction  



Photometers & Colorimeters


Now you can improve and maintain your LED video display's appearance throughout the life of the screen - from installation to retirement - with VisionTUNE™ services and systems. Pro-Lite offers a complete system for optimising the visual appearance of LED display screens in conjunction with Radiant Vision Systems.

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This section provides an overview of the equipment that Pro-Lite supplies for those working with LEDs and lighting products, from goniophotometers for photometric file generation to integrating spheres for quickly measuring flux and colour. Light measurements don't have to be "testing" with Pro-Lite! 

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Simple, inexpensive yet highly accurate, Konica Minolta light meters set the standard in photometry and colorimetry. Also integrating sphere photometers from Labsphere.  Measure illuminance, luminous intensity, luminance, and total luminous flux, as well as chromaticity and colour temperature.

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Optical Instruments & Spectrophotometers


Optical Calibration Standards



Optical Instruments

  Standards (Lamp & Reflectance)   Spectroradiometers

Turn-key instruments for measuring the optical properties of materials, include BRDF/BTDF scatter, sunscreen SPF and UVA protection, phosphor quantum efficiency, retro-reflectance and transmittance and reflectance. Products include spectrophotometers, goniometers and scatterometers.

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Certified lamp and reflectance standards for calibrating integrating spheres, spectroradiometers, colorimeters, reflectometers, spectrophotometers, remote sensing instruments and scatterometers. If you are measuring light sources, you'll need a lamp or radiometric standard. If you are measuring the optical properties of materials, you'll need a standard of reflectance, or for larger tiles, a reflectance target.

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A spectroradiometer functions in a similar way to a photometer or colorimeter but measurements are performed spectrally. For narrow band sources such as LEDs and LCDs, a spectroradiometric measurement yields much more accurate results. Also, spectral measurements are the only way to determine the colour rendering performance of a light source.

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Pro-Lite has a demonstration dark room to allow clients to see the NFMS imaging goniophotometer as well as our integrating sphere photometers in action. Visitors are always welcome - use our enquiry form to request a tour.

We have also posted a video tour of our lab on YouTube.

> Light Measurement

Our applications resource reviews some of the key applications for our products in the field of light source measurements (automotive, displays, lamps, LEDs, luminaires, signals & signs).
Knowledge Base

> Light Measurement

Are your bulbs simply incandescent? Have your candelas got nits? Are your white LEDs suffering with the blues? Are your luminaires failing to illuminate? For the answers to these and many other questions, we've compiled our light measurement knowledge base. Learn about the science of photometry, colorimetry and spectroradiometry.

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