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Light Sources & Solar Simulators

Pro-Lite supplies specialist solar simulator light sources that are used in the testing of photovoltaic (PV) materials used in solar cells and in the testing the SPF of sunscreens. Labsphere TruLume integrating sphere uniform light sources are used to test and calibrate electronic imaging equipment, cameras and sensors as well as remote sensing instrumentation. Phos-4 LED sources are designed for spectroscopic analysis.



TruLume LED Uniform Light Sources


Pre-Irradiation Solar Simulators

Solar Simulators    Labsphere TruLume LED Callibration Standard   Pre-Irradiance 

Solar Light Company is a leading light in the field of solar simulators that are used for solar cell testing and in photovoltaic (PV) materials research. Solar simulators are also used for the in-vitro determination of sunscreen SPF and in establishing photostability in accordance with COLIPA guidelines.

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An internally illuminated integrating sphere provides uniform radiance or irradiance for testing and calibration optical instrumentation. Labsphere TruLume LED uniform light source systems are used to perform flat-fielding and pixel gain normalisation of cameras and array detectors (CCD, CMOS).

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Solar simulators for pre-irradiation testing of sunscreen formulations in COLIPA studies

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LED Light Sources for Spectroscopy


The Phos-4® is a precision, fibre-coupled light source intended for spectroscopic analysis. Interchangeable, temperature controlled LED modules provide outputs between 285 and 730nm.

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