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Pro-Lite now makes photometry even more affordable with our new range of low cost integrating spheres, bench-top goniophotometer and spectral lux meter. Featuring advanced technology and quality at very affordable prices combined with the very highest level of expert service and support from UK-based Pro-Lite personnel.

NEW! Labsphere LFC
Integrating Spheres


Spectral Lux Meter


40" Integrating Sphere   Konica Minolta CL-70F    

Labsphere LFC integrating sphere spectroradiometers are a perfect entry-level solution for lighting product manufacturers concerned with value-for-money. Although LFC spheres are the cheapest like-for-like systems on the market, we do not compromise on Labsphere's proven high quality, or the high speed spectrometer, or the ISO17025-accredited accuracy and NIST traceability. Sphere sizes available are 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0m diameter. Turn-key sphere systems with the option of a stabilised AC supply and AC power metering are available.

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Konica Minolta's latest spectral lux meter - the CL-70F - is our most affordable, hand-portable illuminance spectroradiometer. Being designed to resemble a smart phone means that the CL-70F is compact and easily transported. Being based on a spectrometer helps to ensure that the CL-70F gives accurate readings with any type of light source, including LEDs. Measure the spectrum (380-780nm), illuminance (lux), correlated colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin), CIE chromaticity (xy) and CRI colour rendering indices (Ra, R1-14).

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Are your bulbs simply incandescent? Have your candelas got nits? Are your white LEDs suffering with the blues? Are your luminaires failing to illuminate? To understand these and many other issues, we invite you to view our light measurement knowledge base. Learn about the science of photometry, colorimetry and spectroradiometry.

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