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Manual Positioning Systems

OWIS Manual Positioning Equipment

Manual positioning systems are the economic solution when you need simple yet precise motion control. We have a complete range of manual positioning hardware, including linear, rotary, angular adjustment and tilt stages, goniometers as well as fine-thread and micrometer adjustment screws.

OWIS Accessories

Accessories for Manual Positioning Systems

The small but important parts that allow you to construct (and adapt) your desired set up from the OWIS range of opto-mechanics.

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OWIS WV 60 Angular Adjustment Stage

Angular Adjustment Stages

The WV series are angular adjustment stages that provide manual, fine adjustment over a limited range plus manual, coarse adjustment over 360°. All models can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

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OWIS HV 60 Manual Elevator Stage

Elevator Stages

The HV series are compact, well proven stages for manually adjusting the height of optical components in both industrial and R&D applications. Both models feature a long travel range.

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OWIS GO 65 Theta Phi Goniometer Stage


The GO series are manual stages that allow you to tilt an optical component over a limited range about a defined optical axis. The TP series are manual theta-phi goniometer stages for tilting an optical component about two axes.

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OWIS MVT 40C XYZ 3-Axis Translation Stage

Linear Stages

The LT series are precision linear stages that provide for manual translation over long working distances along a single axis which can be combined to provide translation in two or three axes. For translation over shorter working distances, the compact VT series is available. The MT, MVT & UMT series are linear measurement stages with micrometers or fine-pitch spindles (non-magnetic version available).

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OWIS MSD Differential Micrometers

Micrometers & Fine-Pitch Screws

MS & MSD series micrometers are based upon hardened and precisely-ground spindles and conform to DIN 863 and feature hardened steel balls embedded in their spindles as thrust pieces. All of which make them particularly well suited for precision translation over defined distances. The FGS series fine picth screws provide similar precision when a knowledge of the working distance is not required.

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OWIS DT 40 Rotary Stage 

Rotary Stages

The DT series of rotary stages provide precision, manual rotational adjustment over 360°. With an optional motor drive, these become the DTM series (see the motorised positioning section). The DV rotary adjustment stages trade a slightly lower precision for a reduced cost.

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OWIS KT 90 XY Stage 

XY Stages

KT series manual XY stages provide planar, bi-directional translation of optical components over working distance of up to 20mm, whereas the MKT versions are miniature equivalents for translation over smaller distances (up to 6mm). Non-magnetic versions of both are available (models UKT & UMKT). For longer travels, the PKT stages provide travels of up to 130mm.

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