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Instruments for Measuring the Optical Properties of Materials

Measuring optical properties yields important information about the composition of a material. Pro-Lite provides optical instrumentation and spectrophotometers which are used to measure scatter, reflectance & transmittance, the quantum efficiency of phosphors and sunscreen ultraviolet transmittance (SPF sun protection factor & UVA ratio). Certified standards of reflectance are used to calibrate spectrophotometers, reflectometers and scatterometers. For details on the standards and targets that Pro-Lite supplies, please click here. We also offer modular equipment for measuring reflectance and transmittance based upon Ocean Optics spectrometers. For details, please click here.

BSDF Scatterometers


Quantum Efficiency Spectrophotometer




Scatterometer   QE-2000   Optronik RMM-10 Reflex Checker

The Scatter Works (TSW) scatterometers are now offered by Pro-Lite. TSW's reflective & transmissive scatterometers provide measurements of BRDF and BTDF from the UV to the mid IR.

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The QE-2000 from Otsuka Photal Electronics is a precision spectrophotometer that provides accurate, turn-key measurement of the quantum efficiency (yield) of phosphorescent materials (powders, liquids and solids), such as those used to create white light from LEDs. The use of an integrating sphere, low stray light spectrometer and re-excitation elimination promotes the highest measurement accuracy.

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The Optronik RMM-10 is a high-speed "reflex checker" designed for production-line testing of retro-reflective materials, specifically automotive reflectors and road markings.

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Sunscreen SPF



Suncreen SPF Tester        

The Labsphere UV-2000S is a dedicated UV transmittance spectrophotometer which instantaneously measures sunscreen SPF protection factors. The UV-2000S replaces the UV-1000S and provides a multitude of enhancements plus full compliance with the 2007 COLIPA UVA-PF & 2008 Boots Star Rating methods. Updated software is now available from Pro-Lite as part of an upgrade kit for UV-2000S users.

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Our knowedge base contains a repository of technical documents as well as a glossary of terms to help you navigate your way through the jargon used in expressing and measuring the optical properties of materials.

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