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Power is nothing without control and OWIS provides you with a choice of powerful controllers for your motorised motion control system. The latest model, the PS 10, is an inexpensive, single axis controller. If your ambitions run to more than one axis, you need the PS 30 or PS 90 which give you full control of up to 3 or 9 motion axes respectively. Software? That'll be OWISoft.

OWIS OWISoft Control Software 

OWISoft Control Software

OWISoft is our PC application software for operation of all motorised positioning equipment in conjunction with the PS 10, PS 30, PS 90 as well as DC 500 and SMS 60 controllers. The programme can control up to 12 axes. The programming interface allows users to implement their own system control via C, C++ and LabVIEW languages.

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OWIS PS 10 Controller 

PS 10 Single Axis Controller

The PS 10 is our new, single axis controller. It can control 2-phase step motors in microstep mode with phase current up to 2.5A or DC servo motors at up to 5A. A USB interface is provided for control from a laptop or desktop PC and the PS 10 is supplied with the OWISoft software application. The PS 10 can be supplied as a network compatible version based upon the CANbus system.

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OWIS PS 30 Controller 

PS 30 Universal 3-Axis PCI Control Card

The PS 30 is a PCI card controller that can operate up to 3 axes with 2-phase step motors or brush DC servo motors. PS 30 is supplied with the OWISoft software application.

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OWIS PS 35 Three-Axis Controller 

PS 35 Three-Axis Position Controller

The PS 35 is a universal, table-top position controller with LCD display that can control up to 3 separate axes of motion, either via 2-phase step motors and/or DC servo (brush) motors. The PS 35 features RS232 and USB interface ports and can be controlled from a PC using OWISoft; drivers are also provided for those who wish to develop their own interface in C, C++ and LabView.

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OWIS PS 90 Controller 

PS 90 Universal Multi-Axis Controller

The PS 90 is a multi-axis controller that can operate up to 9 axes of motion. It is compatable with 2-phase step motors or DC servo motors.  USB and RS232 serial interfaces are provided for control from a laptop or desktop PC and the PS 90 is supplied with the OWISoft software application.

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