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Motorised Positioning Systems

Motorised Positioning Equipment from OWIS

Motorised positioning systems to conveniently and precisely automate complex motion sequences. The range includes XY, elevator, rotary and goniometer stages plus actuators, filter wheels. PCI card as well as turn-key system controllers complete the picture.

OWIS DC-MIC Actuator


The DIGI-MIC and DC-MIC from OWIS provide the means to motorise your chosen optical motion control set up. With an accuracy of 3µm over a 25mm travel, you have precise control over where the light goes in your system.

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OWIS PS 30 Control Card

Control Systems

Power is nothing without control and OWIS provides you with a choice of powerful controllers for your motorised motion control system. The latest model, the PS 10, is an inexpensive, single axis controller. If your ambitions run to more than one axis, you need the PS 30 or PS 90 which give you full control of up to 3 or 9 motion axes respectively. Software? That'll be OWISoft.

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OWIS HVM 100 Motorised Elevator Stage

Motorised Elevator Stages

Need a lift? OWIS' HVM motorised elevator stages provide vertical travel of between 10 and 30mm. Special guides provide almost slip-stick free movement as well as a high load capacity.

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OWIS FRM 65 Motorised Filter Wheel

Motorised Filter Wheels

These are "wheely" good. The FRM 40 motorised filter wheels accepts 4 or 6 filters, while the FRM 65 takes 5 or 12. Filters not included. For manual filter holders, slides, wheels and cascades, click here.

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OWIS MOGO 65S Motorised Goniometer

Motorised Goniometer Stages

For those of you passionate about tilting your optics, we give you the MOGO 40 & 65S motorised stages which can tilt an optical component about a circular arc at the mere click of a mouse. Oh, and both models feature a near backlash-free dovetail guide and optional electronic (Hall-effect) limit switches. You need theta-phi movement? Just mount the MOGO 40 onto the MOGO 65S. We've got all the angles covered.

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OWIS LIMES 60 Motorised Linear Stage

Motorised Linear Stages

LIMES linear stages provide motorised translation from 20mm to 1.5m, combined with high precision. On a budget? You'll like the LTM stages that provide travel from 25mm to 3.9m. Stages can be combined to give motion control in one, two or three axes. 

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OWIS DMT 40 Motorised Rotary Measurement Stage

Motorised Rotary Stages

Going for a spin? The DMT rotary measurement stages will rotate your chosen optical element over 360° with a resolution of less than one arc minute. Apertures vary between 20 and 70mm. Want to rotate quickly? The DRTM stages spin faster but with a slightly lower resolution.

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OWIS KTM 65 Motorised XY Stage

Motorised XY Stages

Our CROSS series of high precision motorised XY stages provide travels from 50 x 70mm up to 153 x 153mm, which is nothing to get upset about. If you're on a budget, the PKTM XY stages might be more your thing. Meanwhile, small movements are catered for with the KTM stages, with travels of 5.5mm.

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