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PixelCam™ Multispectral Imaging System from PIXELTEQ

The PixelCam™ OEM multispectral camera from PIXELTEQ provides "live" video rate spectral imaging with between 3 and 9 spectral bands. Custom dichroic filters are applied directly onto the 2D sensor array at the wafer level to create a robust camera that can be used for spectral monitoring at descrete visible and NIR wavelengths.

This "filter-on-chip" technology enables easy integration into handheld, mobile and aerial cameras – all with the same frame rate, size, weight, and power consumption as monochrome cameras. PixelCam cameras are fabricated to user-defined wavelengths. The unique combination of high-speed, multi-band imaging and small form factor supports a variety of dedicated applications including agriculture, biomedical, machine vision, surveillance and authentication, and unmanned systems. Customised OEM multispectral camera modules are engineered from the wafer-level to deliver scalable volume production and easy integration into handheld and portable devices. Standard PixelCam camera modules are available for 4-band and 6-band RGB-NIR and SWIR wavelengths.

Standard Filter Response Charts

Standard PixelCam camera modules are available for 4-band or 6-band RGB-NIR and SWIR wavelengths, as shown in the charts below. Custom cameras are fabricated according with user-defined spectral characteristsics - please consult with Pro-Lite.

 Spectral Response, NIR + SWIR Filter Array

Pixelteq Filter Response


Spectral Response, RGB + NIR Filter Array

Pixelteq Filter Response


Spectral Response, RGB + 3NIR Filter Array

Pixelteq Filter Response

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Applications for real-time multispectral imagers are found in many sciences: security & defence; life sciences; food & agriculture, materials science; and machine vision. Applications for which the PixelCam is well suited include:

> Aerial mapping
> Biomedical imaging
> Machine vision
> Product screening
> Remote sensing
> Surveillance and authentication
> Unmanned systems
> Water quality measurement
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