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Multispectral Imager using Plenoptic Optics

Surface Optics Corporation LightShift Multispectral Imager

Surface Optics Corp's LightShift™ Multimodal "Snapshot" Imager

The LightShift™ multispectral imager from Surface Optics Corporation is the first commercial multimodal snapshot spectral and polarisation imager with video-rate acquisition and processing. LightShift's cutting-edge plenoptic imaging technology allows you to simultaneously capture spectral, image and polarisation information for every pixel.

LightShift™ (Lightfield Visible InfraRed Apparatus, or "LVIRA") utilises a scientific grade, high quality visible-to-near infrared CCD sensor, microlens technology, standard and/or custom macro filters, and live video capture and analysis software.

Key Features of LightShift™

Snapshot Spectral Imaging

LightShift™ is a snapshot spectral imager acquiring data cubes in a single integration, making it ideal for dynamic scene applications.

Video Rate Processing

Unlike existing snapshot spectral imagers, LightShift™ captures and processes the spectral dataset in real-time. Performing calibration and spectral correlation algorithm processing at video-rates is the difference between collecting spectral data and actually solving a problem with it in dynamic environments.

Multimodal Imaging

Simultaneously capture spectral, light field (image) and polarisation information for every pixel. Separately these dimensions provide a partial representation of the scene. LightShift™ cameras join them to achieve better classification performance and provides researchers with new functionality for viewing targeted objects.

High Quality Customisable Filters

Choose 16 bandpass filters or 12 spectral filters and 4 polarisers specific to your application’s region of interest.

Interchangeable Filter Tray

Due to the positioning of the 4x4 filter array on the lens’s front aperture, it can easily be replaced with a new filter array so that the camera can be re-tasked for different applications requiring different wavelengths. 16 bandpass filters are offered as standard, with centre wavelengths between 415 and 940nm and with FWHM bandwidths of between 10 and 33nm. Application-specific filters include neutral density polarisers, spectral polarisers, narrow bandpass spectral filters, broadband spectral filters and complex response spectral filters. Pro-Lite is happy to consult on customised filter trays to suit individual requirements.


Applications for LightShift™ include military target detection and navigation, mobile autonomous robotics, medical diagnosis, oil and gas leak detection, environmental monitoring, material science, biophotonics, food processing and quality control and in machine vision.

Case Study #1: real-time differentiation of closely related chemicals

This video provides a demonstration of video-rate spectral imaging and ability to differentiate closely related chemical compounds in real time.


Case Study #2: real-time object tracking based on spectral signatures

This video provides a Demonstration of Surface Optics Corporation's video-rate spectral imaging camera. The camera tracks an individual vehicle throughout the scene using the spectral signature of the vehicle's exterior paint.

Case Study #3:studying marine camouflage

This video reports the work of Roger Hanlon of the United States Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL, Woods Hole, MA) who used the Surface Optics' LightShift™ multispectral imager to study the camouflage of cephalopods. Octopus, cuttlefish and other cephalopods are masters of camouflage, and they may be the closest thing on Earth to alien intelligence.




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Applications for LightShift are found in many sciences: security & defence; life sciences; food & agriculture, materials science; and machine vision.


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Spectral Range: 400-1000nm
Spectral Resolution: ~25nm
Spectral Bands: 16 (customisable)
Spatial Resolution: 512 x 512 px
Data Cube Capture: 30 fps
Optics: 66mm lens @ f/2.7


Advanced Imaging System with Multiple Optical Sensing Modes [SPIE Publication]

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